Round 4 MAFIA HIT - Fearful Symmetry

The pair hung back from the rest, speaking to each other without saying a word. Yes, they were a little peeved that they were not successful with the last attempt at Alex's life. How dare someone come to his rescue just when the tiger decided to take a bite out of our little ranger friend! And now the damn cat had gotten loose and was roaming around the island somewhere. Oh well, it was probably for the best.

Now everyone was huddled inside the game room, casting suspicious eyes and nervous laughter.

"Can we have everyone's attention please?" Came a garbled voice over the intercom. "If we could have everyone proceed to the lobby, breakfast is to be served within three minutes."

The pair waited patiently until everyone had filed out. Well, almost everyone. Alex was struggling to get up out of the easy chair with his wounded leg.

"Um, you think I could get some help here?" He called out, as everyone filed out behind him.

"Of course." Alex paused, they had obviously just changed their voice. Why would they….? Shit. Reality sunk in, and Alex began to turn to face the pair right as they tightened a blindfold over his eyes. The one who spoke bent over to pull Alex from the dark leather chair, hefting him up to a standing position. The other came around on Alex's other side. Each grabbed an arm and a leg as well, lifting Alex in the air.

"Hey, what the...? Put me down!" exclaimed Alex. His struggling only caused him torrential pain radiating from the wound in his leg.

"But we wanted you to meet someone. An old friend. Oh and it won't do to have you yelling and shouting now will it?" Gagging Alex's mouth and binding his feet with the blindfolds from 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', they carried him out to the balcony overlooking the lit pool. Alex continued to struggle as they carried him down the stairs, knowing that he was going to die this time. As they made their way to the pool, Alex even managed to gain the upper hand for a moment, but only succeeded in pulling one of the two down with him as they tried to slide him into the shallow end. There was a momentary underwater struggle, but with Alex bound it wasn’t difficult for the pair to extract themselves, leaving Alex with only his head to bob above water. They slipped back into the shadows of the overhanging balcony.

They watched him struggle for a while, thrashing around, as he tried to pull himself up the pool steps.

"Bet he thinks he's getting out of this one alive, too."

"Yes, but don't you think this is just a tad bit cruel? Is it really necessary to torture him so?"

The other just chuckled in return.

As if by magic, two glowing orange eyes shone from underneath the foliage. "It would seem our 'friend' wants to finish what was started."

Before Alex even knew what was upon him, the tiger plunged into the water. The group exchanged looks and turned around to join the rest of the guests for their meal in the lobby.

"Well, guess no one will be using the pool tonight. There goes my midnight swim." One of them replied as they slid shut the sliding door, cutting off the sound of Alex's muffled screams.

Unfortunately for them, they also cut off another voice, and remained oblivious to Alex’s imminent rescue as they headed inside for breakfast.

“You again? How do you get into these messes?”

/OOC Dun dun dun! Another doctor save! A continuation of the cliffhanger will come this evening, but for the purposes of RPing today, assume Alex is warm and dry and very much alive, but remembers nothing beyond what is in this scene, which he has kindly relayed to the rest of the group.

Mai 13 years ago
Adila leaned forward in her seat listening to Alex's story.

"Let me get this straight? They changed their voice over the intercom and then hung back to toss you in the pool?"

She shook her head at him.

"Well whatever you've done it must have been good,cause DAMN, they sure want you dead."

Pulling out the ever present note book she asked the guide more questions and generally tried to sort out what seemed important to know.

"Ok, so we all herd like a bunch of hungry zombies into the Dining Hall... I am sure everyone,like myself, thought Christian would be there to help you up."

Cocking her head to the side, Adila looked at Alex's near ever present fawning lover. Was it an act? Did the elven ranger really have some love trist with a dwarven rogue on the side and therefore needed to bump off the survival guide he'd been dating? Maybe Alex had been less than faithful, who knew really? What she did know was that it seemed odd that Christian wasn't there. Hell maybe he was just -that- hungry.

"And you got the better of one of them?" She wrote that down, bending low over the book that was resting on her knee. While writing, she commented.

"Maybe that means at least one of them is a girl. You know, someone probably a lot smaller than you. You are, no offense, a handful." From her bent position, Adila let her eyes drift up to meet the survival guide's and then travel down the length of long legs. She smiled and shook her head. "And I can't imagine you were making it easy for them." Tall guy like that, kicking and twisting, would have been tough to get him into the pool even -with- his gimp leg.

"And you say one of them seemed concerned about the torture they were putting you through? Interesting. I wonder why." Adila pondered that a moment. Maybe there was some other reason for Christian to be offing his lover, maybe they had his sweet little grandma hostage and it was either the fiance or frail old Meemee. She sighed to herself. Maybe there was someone else around here with a kinder heart. Christian definitely wasn't the woman of the pair, so who was she? Adila, herself was tall. Taller than Christian, truth be told, but slender. She'd still not have as much trouble manhandling an injured person as someone much shorter would.

There three women to choose from, Herself, Miri and Jaz. Adila hadn't really gotten to know either of the other two women very well. She supposed she should do that; someone's life might depend on her making an informed decision.

Leaning back with a sigh, Adila tossed the pencil lightly onto the paper.

"Well, at least we know that now there is only two. That's a plus....I guess."
Mike 13 years ago
Christian rushed back to Alexander's side, carrying another towel and a blanket and a pillow. He really didn't care that Alex was warm and dry, he'd let those bastards get him... again! He'd been in tears all the way to his room, but managed to get them back under control before seeing Aelx. Christian didn't want to add to this. No, Alexander needed him to be the strong one now.

Wrapping the blanket around Alex his voice was choked with guilt.

“I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have left you. Are you OK?”
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
"I can't believe I don't remember," Alex groaned with his head in his hands. "Just... That cat. The teeth..."

he shuddered, literally feeling like something the cat dragged in - complete with a new set of injuries. He was never going on vacation again at this rate. And he wished Adila would put that damned notebook away. He was starting to feel like some kind of social experiment. "Torment the homo" or something. At least Christian was here with him.

Christian, who was plenty big enough to have dragged him into the pool. Oh God, how had this gotten so bad that he was actually considering Christian? That was impossible. "It was two of you," he said to the three remaining women. Christian would never.
Dia 13 years ago
Miri had been listening intently to Adila relate Alex's story and question him. She hadn't thought this place could get any worse and the whole idea that it was fake had went out the window once everyone had started turning on each other and helping whoever was killing them pick everyone off.

It wasn't until Alex turned a angry finger at her as well as the other girls that she became angry. Jumping to her feet she confronted him, her sympathy for him suddenly turned into suspicion.

"Oh my god, this coming from Mr. some one keeps trying to kill me but SOMEHOW I keep living. How do we know this isn't some sick version of clue that you and your lover over there dreamed up? Maybe this is someway for you two to get revenge on straight people, which I might add ones who've never done anything to you, and you think if you throw yourself into the mix you'll both look innocent?"

Miri crossed her arms and shook her head. Tears threatened to well up but she fought it back. I will not cry!

"This is just bullshit. I didn't do anything and I don't want to die. Why do you keep getting help and no one else does?" Her voice wavered and it was obvious she was about to cry, yet again.

Miri knew she shouldn't be blaming the victim but her head was swimming. The five of them sat in a room together and fromt he sounds of it, two of them were killers. Panic threatened to send her running from the room and out into the lush growth of the island where she coudl hide from everyone. Everyone but the tiger who was at large and whatever other crazy animals roamed the island. Rubbing her nose Miri held herself tight.
Mike 13 years ago
Christian kept as calm as he could when one of the other girls started in on them. He didn't even think twice, he just snarled right back at her.

“Upset you haven't been able to finish the job? Irritated he keeps getting away from you?”

As far as Christian was concerned that little protest fell under the category of 'Me thinks the lady doth protest too much'. It was hard not to consider that a confession.

He moved to stand between Alex and this girl thing, to defend him and then forced himself to calm down.

“You know none of this is really getting us any where. There has to be some way to figure out who's doing this.”
Mai 13 years ago
Adila took the accusation from Alex in stride. It wasn't easy to consider that someone you cared about might want you dead. She had exes and though some of them were CRAZY. She couldn't even begin to imagine one of them trying to kill her, much less someone who professed to want to marry her. She would cut the wounded, near drowned man some slack. A little, not much. After all people around her kept dying and she had no intentions of it being her.

Then the quiet one, Miri, was it? Jumped up and let Alex and Christian have it. Obviously someone had reached their boiling point. Who could blame her though. People were dying and now she was getting blamed. Course it was dangerous to feel too much empathy for anyone these days. They might just one of killers. Adila waited until Miri finished.

"Feel better?"

She stood up and moved in front of Miri when Christian jumped ahead of Alex. Crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes, Adila prepared for the tirade to come from the defending lover. It started off that way and then Christian calmed down and seemed to be asking everyone to be reasonable. That seemed like sound advice since this was a dangerous game that was being played.

Looking back at Alex, she shrugged calmly.

"What would you like us to do. See which two of us could lift you? I think that would be a recipe for getting you dropped on your ass several times but I'm game for the experiment if you are."

She looked back at Miri. Giving the other woman a reassuring wink, she said lightly.

"Come on lets see if the both of us can lift "Cat Chow" here and get him down to the pool. You know, for the sake of solving this puzzle and all."
Blackrabbit 13 years ago
Alex glared at Miri as she went off on him. What the shit? She had nothing to complain about; no one had shot HER in the leg, tried to drown her, and then feed her to a tiger - TWICE.

"So sorry I haven't conveniently died for you," he growled. "Don't worry, given the track record I'd say you're pretty safe anyhow. Whoever it is might decide the third time's a charm. I'll make sure to hurry on my way up to gay boy heaven so my anonymous benefactor can turn their attentions to someone more deserving."

This was ridiculous. Was he really supposed to believe ANY of this was his fault? He'd never hurt anyone. He hadn't even wanted to come to this stupid LARP in the first place.

Adila made a suggestion that had Alex immediately huddling back against his pillow under his two or three blankets. "Don't touch me," he said to pretty much everyone in general. "I swear, I'm gonna kill the next person who screws with me."

This place was nucking futz.
Mai 13 years ago
Adila hadn't even really moved towards Alex except to lean forward with intent. The suggestion had only been made to point out the ridiculousness of his own claim. With his outburst, she leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Fine, you're on your own, pal."

Turning back to her chair, Adila picked up her notebook and pencil. Hugging them to her chest, she gave everyone a last look and then walked across the room to the bar. She had not gotten drunk while here once the killing started because it just didn't seem like a wise thing to do. For a moment though she was tempted to say, to hell with it. Thinking better of dulling her reactions while two killers were still on the loose, Adila poured herself a glass of orange juice, straight.