ROUND 4 LYNCH - A Sea of Love

Although roleplaying had fallen by the wayside as time (and murders) carried on, for the Gala Supper Victoria had strongly encouraged full costumes and in-character acting. The remaining guests had obliged, though some felt absurd in their various getups.

Aphaderuiondur, however, appeared quite comfortable in his home-made costume, from the tips of his elf ears to his laced up leather boots. Even his many and varied weapons were handmade, smithed in an ancient forge of Calaais, fletched in the woods within his family’s stronghold, bejeweled with the treasure from beyond the Moruakulaki Sea!

It seemed rather pathetic to have a gala supper in a massive ballroom with only a single round table to serve. There was an excessive amount of food for such a small group – cart after cart was rolled out, revealing course after course of delicious and rather elegant food. There seemed to be some thought put into the characters they were serving; wild mushrooms and pheasant, fresh oysters and clams, fine wines and light honey bread, an assortment of sushi, and even a desert with chocolate and cherries, meant, one could suppose, to resemble fire and brimstone.

Aphaderuiondur and Axel stayed in a world of their own throughout dinner, sitting close together and feeding each other morsels of food (to the chorus of several female “awwws”). The girls chatted among themselves and put on a good show of playing their characters eating a fancy meal.

The façade began to show cracks as the meal progressed, though; more tense looks were exchanged, and Axel in particular grew less jovial, more pensive. Aphaderuiondur tugged at his sleeve and Axel looked over with a forced smile before lifting an oyster shell to his lover’s lips.

The swelling happened alarmingly quickly.

“Oh dear. It seems I’ve left my epi-pen on my other character. Can anyone help my dearest darling boyfriend, who surely would never hurt a fly or drag me into a pool or feed me to a tiger?”

One of the girls snarled. “Help him? I don’t think so.” Another gasped in shock while the third climbed up on the table, oyster shell in hand. “Here, I’ve got some help for you, MURDERER!” She yanked Christian’s hair back and poured the deadly shellfish down his already nearly closed throat.

The convulsions happened not long afterward.


“God, they can’t even have a civilized dinner. We should have just fed them cheetos and red bull, darling.”

“They played their parts.”
“Victoria, where does it end?”

“That would be cheating.”

Ty gave a long sigh, then sent in the death chopper.