Man art Q & A

I'm inserting the Q someone please give me the A!

I predominately sketch doodle and draw females because that's what I know. I can look in the mirror or take pictures of myself to use for reference. So my question is: what are important things to remember and/or focus on when going male? I am most intimidated by menlips

pharren 13 years ago
Compared to women:

  • men have less subcutaneous fat and therefore more angular everything

  • bigger/stronger noses

  • bigger and more squareish jaws

  • heavier and more protruding brows

  • much thinner lips

If you're just talking about faces, that's really all there is to it. Bigger ears, too, but ears are mostly proportional so it's just a side effect I guess. For the rest of the body, the main thing is men are wider at the top and taper towards the hips, whereas women have narrow shoulders and wider hips. The "ideal" hips-to-waist ratio for men is 90%, women is 70%. Men have bigger hands and feet. That's all I can think of off the top of my head
Wystro 13 years ago
Definitely get a couple of anatomy books or google-search anatomy for both men and women. Draw from references when you can: even if you think you're drawing looks like crap, the very act of drawing is putting information in your brain. Photo references! Anatomy references!
Dia 13 years ago
Thanks guys, That helps lots!

I have some anatomy books but they feel hella out dated. I know the information is still the same tho. I wonder if they have painting anatomy style books? Does that make sense, or digital painting anatomy. I dont really pencil things in I go at it with a rough frame and then start blocking in color until i build up something. Or thats at least my preference.

I had a figure drawing class and when we drew men they were large and lumpy or rail thin with old skin that was hangy. I don't want to draw those kind of figures!

I'll troll around DA in their stock photo's for men, get some face shots and work from there with lighting!