Diane wip

I decided it was time to revamp(rewolf?) one of my character's avatar and change it from a image to something I did. Also i thought it would be fun to post my progress and come back and watch how many times I've changed something =)

So so far I've sketched out where I want things to go and have begun working on her face, mostly her skin and eyes. She had lips but they were off center so away they went!

Wystro 12 years ago
I really like the feeling of the eyes. I can't wait to see more!
Dia 12 years ago
Thanks Wystro!

Here's a little update so far. there would be more but my son and fiance have finished playing Kirby and now he's running around like he's lost his mind. Even with head phones I can feel irritation creeping up which means no happy thoughts drawing time! Hopefully I work some more after he goes to bed! I <3 it and I want to hug her. lol

Dia 12 years ago
she has a borderline shadow brow ack!
Dia 12 years ago

I want to drop kick her hair. Perhaps give her a new do. Made an effort to get her to smile because she was too serious >_<

*edit: most definately getting a new hair do. Quick angry sketch proved to be useful. to be continued with less 70's styling
pharren 12 years ago
I like the hair!
Dia 12 years ago
Do you like this hair better? I think I like it more because it's less...matronly?

letter as for over at SA where this will be
Wystro 12 years ago
I like the curls...it helps to create movement within the hair. I know that in real life hair is a collection of countless fine strands, but in art I tend to think of it as an ocean or stream with currents and eddies where the mass of the hair flows, twists, and gathers.