The Girl and Her Beast

It's been, gosh, three years since I visited the site... wow... but my daughter and I have started collaborating on a dramatic sci-fi webcomic set in the same universe as my novels. She's only 13, but I think she's doing a fantastic job. Check it out and give us feedback:

pharren 12 years ago
Your 13-year-old drew that? Wow. Are you sure you didn't mean 31? Wish there was more than one page to look at, but so far I agree with your assessment.
Verileah 12 years ago
Nice to see you 'round these parts David . Looking forward to seeing more - this is delightful. I really like the cover art too.

Figuring out panel layouts for comics is like an artform in and of itself. I can see that first page working better in print than on the computer screen, just because I have to scroll down to see the whole thing.
David Bowles 12 years ago
Pharren, thanks. We're working on page 2, and it should be up soon. And, yes, she is actually 13, heh.

Billie, yeah, depending on the monitor, it could require a bit of scrolling down; since we're creating it with the printed comic in mind, that influences us, but we can probably tweak things a bit for future pages. Thanks!
pharren 12 years ago
The layout was initially confusing to me as well, for the record. Some unidentifiable thing about it made me think it was a regular English-language left-to-right style, so when I got to the 4th (6th) panel I was momentarily confused. It might be my weird 1920x1080 resolution.
David Bowles 12 years ago
Yeah, the layout problems are totally my fault... I'm writing the script, so the first two pages are going to be a little confusing (maybe we can clean the issues up and republish). My daughter's more experienced eye is moving us in a different direction for later pages.
Wystro 12 years ago
This looks great, and I look forward to more =)