MIX IT UP (Sign up from April 1st-15th)

For the TAC Spring '11 Art Exchange, we're going to

Those wings sure are pretty, but you sure are looking a lil under the weather. Did you remember to eat today little fairy? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh dear, I think she just said "Brains"! That cute little thing is a zombie ahhhhh!

So you say you're a pirate, eh? Well what about those fangs? Ohh you're a vampire, too? Well, I guess that makes -you- a vampirate, and -me- outta here!

Aww what cute little pixie wings! Wait a sec, what is that on the side of your head? And why do you have a third eye pulsating in the middle of your forehead? Argh! It's a pix-borg! Run for your life!

Okay, so that's the general idea this time. Take any TWO, usually separate character types, and mix them all up. It can be anything, but let's keep them at least humanoid in nature. I mean sure an alien is okay, or maybe even a centaur type creature, just nothing so over the top that it might be hard for someone to recreate without pulling out their hair. If you think it would give -you- a headache, don't go there. You come up with the character; let your person come up with what they are wearing, and where they might be lurking.

Simple enough? Okay let's MIX IT UP!

Sign up thread open from April 1st thru 15th

~~Cut & Paste~~
Character type 1:
Character type 2:
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here):
Rating: Keep it Clean, Partial Nudity Okay, or Anything Goes (Keep in mind that just because someone says Anything Goes, does not imply that you have to do nudity, only that you have that option should you choose to exercise it)
Desktop Size:
~~Cut & Paste~~

If you wish to provide a history, feel free, but this time we went for something less literary and more let's just do some art. Please make sure you create a signature for your person along with the wallpaper or portrait, so they have something to show off on the board. If you have any questions at all, drop me or Lessa a note.

KaAnna 13 years ago
Character type 1: Undead
Character type 2: Bard
Description: Black hair with white streaks; Pale/gray eyes
Rating: Anything Goes
Desktop Size: 1440 x 900 OR 1280 x 800

Name: Sieja Allaya

In life, Sieja was a traveling bard with a mischievous and sometimes evil streak. While she regularly dealt in thievery, extortion, threats and the occasional murder, music was her number one passion. Sieja met her fate at the hands of a rival thief while she was in his territory. He garroted her with her own lute's wire. An ironic death.

Even in death, Sieja continues to strum the strings on her lute, despite having missing one. She forever stalks the landscape, searching for her killer.

I leave it up to the artist her look and clothing. She can be simply pale and ghastly or all out zombified!
Kilandra 13 years ago
I. Am. SOOO excuted about this!

All right! Finally came up with something.



Female, green eyes is basically my only requests. whatever color hair you like, style, you name it. I want some creativity from the artists' perspective Free reign, basically.

Anything goes! I am not opposed to the nude form.


Forgot to say a name, so let's stick with my go to name lol Kilandra!
Shaelynn 13 years ago
Character type 1: Dark Elf
Character type 2: Vampire

Name - Diabolica

Description: She is a dark elf vampire! Diabolica has blue skin and purple eyes. Her hair is white and long - It can be straight or curly. She is short in height, but curvy.

Rating: Partial Nudity ok

Desktop Size: 1920 x 1200
ROzbeans 13 years ago
Character type 1: Human
Character type 2: Cyborg
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Short brown hair, brown eyes - female. I'm completely open to whatever parts of her you want to make cyborg.

Caitlinn Conrad - Sergeant of the Outer Rim, security detail

Cait spends 99% of her time in her Therian-weave flight suit, patrolling the space station with her partner. She has a stoic ambivalence that people mistake for rudeness. More plain than beautiful, she suffers from insomnia and spends her off hours listlessly walking her patrol, staring out of the blast windows on the lower deck of the OR. Always armed, she feels more comfortable ready for an emergency than just relaxing.

Cait was the unwilling lab rat of an experiment that changed her physically and branded her a deserter. She feels no need to correct the latter, but is obsessed with finding the scientist who did the former.

Rating: Anything Goes
Desktop Size: 1680x1050
quiarrah 13 years ago
Red hair . .Long
Green eyes
Rating: Partial Nudity Okay,

Desktop Size:1080 X 1024

Name: Rose Swan
Kethaera 13 years ago
Yay, my computer's finally back up and running, so I'm gonna join in this time!

Sudden movement in your peripheral vision causes you to turn your head to the left, but all appears normal in the tree-lined street you are walking along. A horrible gurgling sound makes you swing around to the right just in time to see your business associate falling to the ground with more blood than you thought the human body contained gushing from his throat. Before adrenaline even has time to kick in, you feel the brutal bite of a blade across your throat. As you sink to the ground, your murderer steps into your view. Dressed all in black, with a decidedly feminine grace, she bends down to leer at your demise. Through a darkening vignette, you catch the mechanical movement of her eyes.

"Cyborg!" you think. "No! It wasn't supposed to be this way!"


Cyborg/Ninja Assassin

Hair color: Long, straight, black

Eye color: Cyborg/mechanical

Appearance: Mostly Japanese humanoid, very pale skin. Hints of cyborg in eyes and whatever else you wish to throw in there. Dressed completely in black, she stays mostly in the shadows, and few have ever gotten a good look at her...at least, and lived to tell the tale.

Setting: A re-imagined late feudal Japan. Have fun blending in futuristic and/or Steampunk influences, or keep it simple with a shadowy alley. Your choice! (Least I can do after making you a murder victim, heh.)

Name: Known only as Nanashi, Japanese for no-name.

Desktop: 1680 x 1050

Rating: Can be sexy, but no nudity please.
EireDOrakaa 13 years ago
Eire D'Orakaa
Character type 1: Tier'Dal from EQ
Character type 2: Ice Elemental
Description (Tall, spare, elegant, handsome not pretty. She, a Tier'Dal made a deal with a god and was imbued with 3 ice elemental shards inserted in the following portions of her body - 1 shard in each eye and 1 shard into her heart. A cold arctic frost/snowy wind always plays about and from her body. A detailed physical description is below):
Rating: Anything Goes
Desktop Size: Standard, I'll resize to what I require.

Detailed Description of Eire D'Orakaa
Deep within an arctic fortress a figure encased in ice, rests in standing repose. Closed eyes rimmed with hoarfrost lashes, set in an austerely elegant face. One divided by a patrician nose and completed by full lips with which no laugh lines have ever graced. Tall and spare, as though time has pared away all that was dross upon that body, leaving an individual as elegant and balanced as a master crafted blade. Falling in long heavy waves, lapping in a pool around booted feet, is a veritable waterfall of hoarfrost coloured hair. Hair catching occasionally upon a bevor, rerebrace or poleyne left glittering rivulets of hoarfrost.
Abruptly, disconcertingly empty colourless eyes open and one elegant eyebrow arches. A mirthless smile pulls full lips into a sneering caricature, as those desolate white pupiless orbs scan her arctic home, left sealed off and inviolate while she retreated to slumber in the embrace of ice. One hand rises effortlessly through the ice encasing her, flashing briefly upon ring of platinum and carved bone, raised in bas-relief. As she starts moving forward through the ice, it retreats from around her figure, resealing as she passes until she stands in her inner study/workroom.
Absently she removes a dagger from somewhere upon her body and hauls the long waterfall of trailing hair around; a sudden flash of movement and a pool of radiant icy hair lies on the water worn slate floor. Catching up the remaining hair in quick economic movements; a long waterfall of hoarfrost is braided, the thickness of a man’s wrist, falling to rest in the small of her ramrod straight back. One hand resting atop the pommel of her icy hand and a half blade, the other gesturing to her ever present frozen dead in a familiar but long since unseen command. Scuttling, creeping and rattling they leave; off to reopen the home again, now that their mistress was awake.
Lillyanna-Windmane 13 years ago
I haven't done much visiting lately, but I saw some promo's and figured I would dive in. Loooovvvveeee this! :P

Character type 1: Elf
Character type 2: Vamp
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Long dark Auburn hair, violet eyes, small pointed elfsie ears, she's a petite little thing. Gone are the days living in the woods, now nothing but dark city life.
Rating: Anything goes
Desktop Size: 1680 x 1050

Didn't know about names, so we'll just go with my fall back, "Lillyanna"
Wystro 13 years ago
Character type 1: Wystro (High Elf)
Character type 2: Zebra
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Wystro has pale skin and auburn red hair. He wears steampunky-Edwardian clothing and a top hat if possible. I'm thinking maybe a Wystro Zebrataur or a Anthropomorphized Zebra in Edwardian dress. Let your imagination be your guide!
Rating: Anything Goes
Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024
Lunna 13 years ago
Character type 1: Dark Elf
Character type 2: Vampire
-- Sort of funny this event came up. I just turned my dark elf in EQ2 to Freeblood (vampire) and have yet to do any art for her.
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here):
Name: Lunnavella
Eyes: Green
Hair: long and white worn loose (but whatever you want to do is fine by me)

Rating: Anything goes
Desktop Size:1680 x 1050
Darsa 13 years ago
Character type 1: Barbarian
Character type 2: Phoenix

Description: Darsa is the product of an encounter her scouting/hunting barbarian mother had with a phoenix who was exploring the world in human form. She has her mother's dark green eyes, though they sport splinters of gold and overlarge pupils, bright and glittering; her skin tone is fairly pale, and there is the suggestion of what could at first be mistaken for freckles, but upon closer inspection look almost... sparkly. She sports her father's coloring in her hair, varying shades of red, orange and gold, worn long and loose usually, sometimes in a loose braid or carelessly pulled up. She has an fondness for feathers, wears them in her hair often, either braided directly into the hair, or hanging from headbands and other jewelry. She is sturdy and tall, taller than most average human females. She is following in her mother's scouting footsteps, also provides her home city with meat, leather and furs as a hunter; the townspeople return the favor with clothing and provisions that are ideal for her daily trips among the trees.

Rating: Keep it (mostly) Clean please!

Desktop Size: 1280 X 1024
Lorelei 13 years ago
Character type 1: High Elf

Character type 2: Angel

Name: Cillainea

Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here):
Hair is red, long and wavy. Eyes are emerald green. Cill is a healer, her powers bestowed by the heavens.

Rating: Partial Nudity okay

Desktop Size: 1680 X 1050
KittenPoetrix 13 years ago
Character type 1:Vampire
Character type 2: Naga (Snake Goddess - half cobra/beautiful woman)
Description: Pale silvery-grey skin with purple-ish veins that show just under the surface. Incisor fangs, rather than canines (think: True Blood). Forked tongue. Green eyes - slitted pupils, no whites or almost non-existent. Blood red hair (and Cobra Hood, if possible). Scales - silver with black markings. Don't have a character name in mind.
Rating: Partial Nudity Okay, but prefer to keep it clean. I guess I should say risque is okay... but no blatant nudity, please.
Desktop Size: 1920 x 1080

WOOT! I'm soooooo excited! This will be my first event participation, too. Can't wait to see what I get!
SnowDragon 13 years ago
Character type 1: Gargoyle
Character type 2: Vampire
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Hunter has long waist length white hair and soulless black eyes. She has pointed ears (like a cat), she has 2 horns that curl backwards(dark gray in color), long tail (same color as her skin long like a tiger) with a sharp point at the end, her feet and hands are long and have claws to better grip buildings, black demon wings, her skin is a lightish-medium gray color (cool gray color), her body is muscular more athletic then body builder. Sunlight does turn her to stone. (Put her in anything you like. Colors she usually wears are light blue, black and red)
Rating: Keep it Clean, Partial Nudity Okay, or Anything Goes (Keep in mind that just because someone says Anything Goes, does not imply that you have to do nudity, only that you have that option should you choose to exercise it) Anything goes
Desktop Size:
Verileah 13 years ago
Character type 1: Girl Scout
Character type 2: Demon
Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): 17 years old, small, black hair and eyes, wears a blue girl scout uniform when she hasn't accidentally caught fire and ruined it. Likes the outdoor life, campfires, long walks in the rain (keeps that whole fire thing from happening), and making new friends (while keeping the old). The other girls are mostly afraid of her (again with the fire thing, also the demonic rages) but some feel sorry for her and others are curious about her/think it's interesting/dangerous/sexy to be friends with the demon.
Rating: Keep it Clean, Partial Nudity Okay, or Anything Goes (Keep in mind that just because someone says Anything Goes, does not imply that you have to do nudity, only that you have that option should you choose to exercise it) Keep it clean please.
Desktop Size: 1900x1200

Steam rose from Maki's skin as she walked along the ditch on the side of the dirt road. She was glad of the rain, as it kept the heat inside her from turning into flame, but she realized that she must look like a drowned rat to passersby. Her hair clung to the back of her neck in wet clumps and her nightgown, the only article of clothing she had left that wasn't scorched or burned, was soaked through.

The Girl Scout Jamboree wasn't going very well. Maki's cabin mates had only agreed to room with the scary demon if she did all the kapers. She'd spent the morning picking up trash, cleaning up after the other girls, making the cabin neat and tidy, and when she returned from leadership meetings that afternoon, she'd found all of her things packed up and stacked by the door anyway. She was used to it, but it still stung. Mean girls were going to be mean anywhere, she supposed, but she'd always sort of held out hope that girl scouts would be different. More campfires and singing and cookies, less politics and petty rivalries. They were trying to bring up future female presidents and all Maki wanted to do was eat marshmallows. And souls, of course - but not the whole thing! She just needed a bite every so often, and souls grew back.

None of this was her fault.

The rumble of a car on the dirt road interrupted her musings. She looked up in time to get a face full of dirty water; the jeep had hit a puddle and the resulting splash had towered over her head.

Maki was mildly surprised when the jeep came to a stop a few yards ahead, and a tall, big-boned girl hopped out. The amazon, who Maki recognized from leadership meetings as being a leader in training and unofficial troop mom, came running up to her, shouting over the rain. Maki could only make out bits and pieces through the rain and the white noise that seemed to surround her, latent demonic senses running constant interference, but the girl seemed concerned. Did she know what Maki was? She must - it seemed everyone had known from the first that she was the demon girl. It didn't seem to matter; she just ran up, babbling about 'soaked through and through' and 'you poor thing', picked her up as though she were a small child, and carried her to the jeep.

Her soul tasted like trefoils, all buttery and wholesome. Maki could have torn the bigger girl limb from limb, that's how demonic strength worked, but here she was, curled up next to her in the jeep, a uniform jacket thrown over her by one of the other girls. Later she would sit with her new cabin mates, wrapped in a fireproof blanket, and eat s'mores toasted to perfection.
Tori B 13 years ago
This sounds like so much fun.. and I have time to participate this time. Yay!

Character type 1: Ghost
Character type 2: Leprechaun

Description: We can go with my name, Tori. I'm not sure how she died, but she still watches her pot of gold. Her hair is long, whispy and white, her skin is very pale, almost white. Her eyes are very large and green and have very dark circles around them. Her lips are red. She is semi-transparent. Clothing and build I'll leave up to you.

Rating: Keep it Clean, I guess.. I haven't heard of any nude leprechauns lately. Cute, scary, sexy - I'll leave it up to you.

Desktop Size: 1440x900
templarlover 13 years ago
Character type 1: Fairy
Character type 2: Sorceress
Description: Pointed ears, wings, pale skin, purple hair, grey/silver eyes - Name: Keyna Eirianhel
Rating: Partial Nudity Okay
Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024
Beli 13 years ago
Character type 1: Dwarf
Character type 2: Boar
(Note: If dwarf is too difficult/challenging, then just substitute an Amazon/space marine type instead -- it's really no problem!)

Description (please make sure to include hair & eye color here): Brown, shoulder length hair. Blue eyes.

Rating: Partial Nudity OK

Desktop Size: My monitor is 1600x900, but 1280x1024 portraits also work well! (Don't mind the extra space around it on my desktop -- just means I can see my icons better. )
Pearl3D 13 years ago
Ok ... My first attempt:

Character type 1: Mystic Nymph [not a faerie!! ;o]
Character type 2: Nature Vamp
Description: Female, long natural hair, natural colored gloomy eyes, thorn clothes

Her name is LeiSha: Innocent during the day ... becomes one with the dark woods during the eclips.

Rating: Partial Nudity Okay
Desktop Size: 1280 x 1024
Laschae 13 years ago
Name: Meeka
Character type 1: Faun
Character type 2: Pirate
Description: Dark skinned. Brown dreadlock style hair on the longer side with bits of metal, beads and glass woven into it.
Dark Brown eyes. Horns are optional and style and size is up to your discretion. Lower half of her body is
similar to a goat, her legs are dark brown with russet stripes or spots.
Rating: Anything Goes
Desktop Size: 1680X1050