Hi at all :)

Vanesse pointed me to this forum - so I'm here now and want to introduce myself a little bit.

I'm originally from Austria but I changed the mountains with the sea and live now in Germany. In 2007 I discovered Daz|Studio and after a while Poser. Now I'm working mainly with Poser 8 and do my postwork with Photoshop Elements. Unfortunately there is not enough time to learn all of the tools which I'm interested in

You can find some work of me here:

I'm really happy to be now in this forum and look forward to the discussions and time with you. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Gongaa 12 years ago
Welcome! You signed up just in time for Roz's yearly fund drive, where she extorts money from all of us to pay for her candy corn habit. And don't think about not pledging - you don't want to see her when she's out of candy corn.

Have fun!

P.S.: Nordsee oder Ostsee??
najescha 12 years ago
Thanks for the welcome

Verileah 12 years ago
It's a feast of newbies! Welcome to TAC .
ROzbeans 12 years ago
G get back to the fund drive!!!!

And welcome Najescha! Your artwork is outstanding. Looking forward to seeing more of it!
Eve 12 years ago
Cool to see new faces coming around! Welcome to our nut house
Katrizi 12 years ago
I'm new too but wanted to say hi and welcome As long as everyone has their vices in check they seem to be some pretty good people Also, your art is beautiful!
pharren 12 years ago
Laschae 12 years ago
Hi there!

And Katrizi...I only nibbled you a LITTLE! I can't resist a newbie dipped in tabasco!
KaAnna 12 years ago
Hi you two!