Akahana WIP

This is a work in progress of yet another in the long line of characters I have on Sanguine Affliction. There is no shading yet. I haven't finished the chopsticks or the earrings either. The hair was giving me troubles. It looks better than it did. *shrug* Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated. Pay no attention to the sketch book still showing. >_>

Beli 12 years ago
I like what you've done with the flow of the hair -- gives the piece a lot of energy.
Wystro 12 years ago
There's some curve to the picture -- it's either from the way the sketchbook is sitting or from the fact that you're a right-handed artist (I'm guessing). I put your piece in PS and warped it so that it corrected for the curve:

I hope you don't mind my experiment with your image. I curve things all the time like that since I'm right-handed. I tend to flip the image during the drawing process to catch myself in the act. If I'm not drawing digitally, I just hold it up to a mirror.

I think that the image is so beautiful, especially the wispy hair parts!
Mai 12 years ago
Beli, thank you The hairline is bothering me. On this one and another one. I want to keep it in the style of the rest of the drawing but the line still seems too simple or something.

Wystro, Yes, I'm right handed. I noticed on the last piece I did that it slanted funny. So what do you do to fix it? You used the warp tool to curve all of it or parts of it back in the other direction? And, no, I don't mind at all critiques are helpful. I wouldn't get any better otherwise. Mark away! 2

The other day I noticed the other day that I put on eyeliner best backwards for my left, going outside to inside, than how I put the line on my right eye. Just random handedness fact.
Mai 12 years ago
The warp tool in illustrator is not the fun helpful one of photoshop but hopefully the result is still better than the first. With the face and hair less high on the right side I think I like the hairline better. I shall go away and make breakfast and consider.

Dia 12 years ago
I always enjoy the movement of your hair. It adds a depth to it that makes me want to reach out and catch a piece as it blows by.
Thats sounds weird I know but its a pretty cool effect you manage!
Mai 12 years ago
Thank you, Dia! 2

Here is the latest on the hair. I changed the hairline a bit more and added strands of hair for shading. I need to fiddle with the chopsticks some more. I just sort of tossed them in there.

Blackrabbit 12 years ago
Hana looks beautiful. I am having a lot of trouble seeing the highlights in her hair on my computer when I look at the screen straight on, but when I look at it above, on a tilt, I see them very well.

I have no idea what that means, if it's just that I'm on the craptop, or maybe I'm going blind because I'm getting old and shit, but there you go. I love them when I can see them however!
Mai 12 years ago
So... as it turns out, while I was rearranging some layers I accidentally put one of the highlight layers behind the base hair shape and it wasn't showing up. I also lightened some of the other highlights so hopefully now you don't have to squint at her, Bunny.

I added shadows and such and so forth.

Blackrabbit 12 years ago
I can see it better, but still having the same issues. It must be my screen.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
I only see a tiny sliver of blue. =( Love how it came out though - especially the kimono!
Mike 12 years ago
I'm loving the shadows adds a lot of depth and the kimono is just cool
Mai 12 years ago
Thank you, Roz and Mike 2

Since it seems more than one person can't see the highlights I made them brighter again. So does this show up?

Blackrabbit 12 years ago
Woot, I can see the highlights now. I love her! The hairsticks and her lips look fantastic, I love the shading.
ROzbeans 12 years ago
There you go - I like it!
Mike 12 years ago
boo ya!
Mai 12 years ago
Thank you! I'm glad they show up now. I'm working on a background. I have some bamboo and some shoji. We'll see if it looks like it does in my head.
Mai 12 years ago
Here is the finished version.

Akahana by ~Maitane on deviantART
Verileah 12 years ago
Now that mah brain is not leaking out my ear from exchange...

I think the highlights on the hair were really what it needed to make the hairline 'work'. I was processing the way the hair fell completely differently before you put the highlights in and really showed the shape of things.

You did a nice job with all of her features. I think it was a good move putting in the bridge of her nose - it gives her face a sharp, interesting look that I think you were going for.
Mai 12 years ago
Thank you, Billie! 2