Working on Character please c/c

Hey all I am working on a new character set for Mavka to go along with the clothing. Her name was poppy but now it's Pippi cause we were beat to the punch. I am struggling to get the lips right but the transiton between them and skin is off. I am looking for opinions on the texture as a whole and some advice on how to fix these lips.

here is a artistic render of her in some of the clothes. The character will come with poses one which i used here and possibly the hair which my partner made.\

p.s. bikini is not apart of clothing set it's just something I made for character promos

Adiene 13 years ago
haha i love that pose
I hate the lips too They suck my will to live , but you know this already lol
I like her eye brows Wish I had more input as how to fix the lips =/ ..
Lessa 13 years ago
as far as the over all texture, since she has a realistic skin, and realistic irises, I might like to see the eye whites more realistic as well. It is just my opinion, though. I think overall she looks great.
Aellas 13 years ago
Thanks Lessa I will take a look at them and try to improve them to add a little more realism. Any people who create textures here have an idea how to improve the lips? Adi thank you for the brows.
Aellas 13 years ago
Thansk Lessa I am going to work on that I decided to give a go at texturing the hair since it will come with character or clothes. Any thoughts on these textures.

Aellas 13 years ago
Lips fixed hooray!!! Need to work now on eye whites
Adiene 13 years ago
yay finally Now u can help me with mine !!! =P I got the liner figured out now how I like it finally woot! Now just to get the lips and I am good till it is time for Body work! haha