something ..

been workin on off and on, I am hoping I can push thru the body textures this week and try to get the pose files done Still not to keen on the liner and lips yet WTF is with this chicks lip mesh/seams that are killing us haha

Her eyeliner/shadow looks way fake compared to the face textures =/ But w/e I do it looks the same in the end /bangs head on keyboard

Eve 11 years ago
Not sure what you're talkin' bout, cuz her lips look fine to me She's a cutie. I need to get Mavka installed one of these days LoL
Aellas 11 years ago
I think she looks great and I actually like the make up. Adi I think your lips look great but which I wish I could say for mine.
Laschae 11 years ago
You're really gonna make me go buy Mavka now aren't you. Sheesh she's a cutie! Make ups look fine don't be so hard on yourself.
Lessa 11 years ago
I have to agree with the above Adi, she adorable and I think both her lips and her eyes look fine. So unless they look odd with a brighter color on the lips, I think they blend nicely.