Daz gallery

did they take it away or is it just me??? O.o

Lessa 12 years ago
Did they? I know the galleries were broken last month..

I actually don't see any of them, just the highlights.. maybe they are working on them..?
Eve 12 years ago
They're still there, just all borked up. PC gallery is still totally fucked tho... I mean 1 page plus one for a whole month? No one could upload anything there.
Lessa 12 years ago
I wish they would put posts now and then regarding issues and things.. instead o f pretending people wont notice something's wrong if nobody says anything..
Lessa 12 years ago
I found the old galleries.. past months.. I don't see where to submit new work to the galleries.. any of them.
Faeini 12 years ago
that sucks, rather have the old website back O.o
KaAnna 12 years ago
Pretty big blunders that got through 'testing' :/ Especially the bug where all the vendors' items weren't shown on the page. I wonder how many sales they missed because of that. Dunno if that's fixed yet either
Lessa 12 years ago

it seems to work ok if you use Internet Explorer
I used Firefox to submit but PC gallery doesn't work right and you cant see the voting gallery.

ok PC doesnt work in IE either.. submitted a bug report..