Help!! Making Poser content DS compatible

Hey guys I am testing my set for Mavka. The skin, hair, and poses. Seem to work in poser and daz studio so far. But I am hitting some snags with getting the clothing to work right. This is quite a large set (about 10 pieces) I can get 4 out of the 6 pieces to even show up properly in daz. Now I am a newbie when it comes to DS. I go to load the item it get listed in the sence but I can't see it. When I checked under the surfaces tab I see nothing listed. Anyone know how to fix this?

Lessa 11 years ago
not sure about Daz4, but with daz 3 there was some sort of issue with the content map files folder. I had to remove it completely for items to show in my runtime. Not sure that this is your issue however.

Do you load content into program files or my documents?
Aellas 11 years ago
program files but it might be cause ds has to pull it out of my p6 folder. I guess have to figure out how to manually install them as if I didn't have poser on my computer. Maybe that will fix my problem. I use p6 strictly for testing and p8 for testing and etc...

p.s. which one is better to install stuff in documents or program files
Lessa 11 years ago
Well the newer programs, like DS4 will automatically download to my documents, unless you manually install and tell it to go to program files. Windows 7 wont let you unzip a zip file into program files, so you need to transfer it manually from somewhere else. ( I just have desktop folders to unzip my files into and install.)

The Daz store items will load into your program files folder just fine, but its a different format than zip.

Anyway, you might check and make sure you have Daz loaded into program files and not mydocuments to make sure you have them in the right place, or just install the clothes to mydocuments to see if that works better. I *think* the correct Daz file will just say Daz > Studio > content. ( not Daz4, though I am not positive as I have not installed that version yet, thats just how it was with Daz3a.)
Aellas 11 years ago
ok so i intsalled it properly to daz3 and I still had the same problem. Here is a example of what is happening with the pants when I load them into DS. The shoes and stocking don't appear altogether. Left to right DS --> Poser render