Lover Unleashed - latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book


I feel kind of let down with this one. Has anyone else read the series?

where was the action? why the super simple wrap ups for both the healing aspect and bad guy parts?


Lessa 12 years ago
I read the first.. 5 or six I think. I haven't kept up after that.
Eve 12 years ago
You'd have to tell me who the main romance was in it for me to know. I think I'm up to date with possibly the last one as the exception. I've liked 'em all, even without the romance aspect. The world and story revolving around them all has been pretty cool.
Dia 12 years ago
Fell off earth there for a moment sorry!

It was Payne's book. Although it kind of was just a rehash on Vishous's storyline. And because books generally come out once a year and his book was 2 or 3 books back I had take a bit to remember what had happened in his book. I also think they made Payne out to be very...i dont know, a pansy? They built her up to be this hardcore secret Chosen fighter and she was blah. I thought her personality would be more similar to Xhex. The whole things with Xcor? That was waaaay to simple.

I've liked her series and this book was ok. It could have been way better though