Moar art theft! Eve, Vex, Adi, Sabby, etc etc

Some of you are listed by name in one of the galleries.
( If you go to 3D girls and then "Base for the 3D picture")

I also noticed KaAnna and Rainfeather and some others I recognize but can't name.

ROzbeans 12 years ago
ROFL That one of Ellis even still has my name on it. Jesus, that is fucking stupid.
Lessa 12 years ago
Lol I know.. Laschae and I found some of ours as well, prolly every person with anything in he 3d section of DA...
Eve 12 years ago
LoL Was just coming to post about this. I found one of Lessa's and two of KaAnna's so far in the first few pages of the fantasy section. Vex, Adi, Sabby, and I all have sections listed by our names. Most of Sabby's were commission pieces even, with the names of the characters on them. So annoying!
Vex 12 years ago
I dont know, i dont really see it as art theft if they leave the names/watermarks and stuff on there. They are just reposting your shit. its like free publicity.

I don't really care if people take my shit and repost it. I could worry myself with it, but then i'd be stressed and pissed off all the time.

Now if they were putting it into a book or calendar and profiting off it and i'm not getting any, then it might be worth my time to go after them legally. Chances are though I'd get stuck with a bill for fighting for it, and they wouldn't actually pay up.