Inkling by Wacom

Now that is some crazy shit. $199

pharren 12 years ago

The only thing that would be strange to me is not being able to see your layers. But with that thing, I probably wouldn't be using layers as I was drawing.
KaAnna 12 years ago
It's.. it's amazing!
Wystro 12 years ago
Wow!!!!!!! I want one now!
Dia 12 years ago
I like my big space eating tablet! This is neat tho
Kilandra 12 years ago
OH MY GOSH IT"S WHAT I"VE WANTED FOR YEARS!!!!!! I can't believe someone FINALLY made something like this! This is what I've always wanted. When I had my huge tablet, I was just like... ugh! I want to feel the paper, and look at what I"m drawing while I'm doing it... GAH! Christmas list, here that goes!
Jetamio 12 years ago
I want one!
patslash 12 years ago
thats just awesome. i wish i could draw just to have a reason to get one