I've never done this before and I don't know what is making me want to do it this time, but here's a WIP shot of a new pic I'm working on! I like to see progress shots and WIPs from my favorite artists, so I thought it might be cool to show it off. Any comments/critiques are welcome!

This is a very early WIP. I've just sort of placed the sparklies in, haven't touched them since. Right now I'm working on rim lighting then maybe move on to the sparklies or adjust the background or somesuch.

ROzbeans 12 years ago
/squee! Very beautiful!
Kilandra 12 years ago
lol I am laughing because it is just unbelievable. My husband is in awe. I showed him the original render.. his jaw dropped. I was like, yeah... she's kinda talented, huh? It turned out beautiful.. and see? All you needed was your sig in the corner lol sheesh.
EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
Beautiful, excellent paint work. A stunning image.