Schooling Hammer's

Prelim sketch for new canvas, for the munchkin. Schooling Hammerhead sharks. He wanted another shark *shrugs*, thought I'd start this one. Sketch took about 15 min, painting..well...that will take longer. Think I'll paint it tommorow, if I get time.

Ignore my messy office please, we've not finished the basement, so my drafting/paint tables and work area is not set up.

EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
Back paint the hammerheads

EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
Background paint with irridencent overlay

ROzbeans 12 years ago
Can't even see your messy desk. After you said to ignore it, it's all I could look at! No, I kid. The sharks look pretty damn cool - that looks like it's going to come out pretty snazzy!
EireDOrakaa 12 years ago

Here is the finished product, can't really get the irridecent effect properly when not viewing in person, however munchkin likes it so, that's all that really matters *grins*
Wystro 12 years ago
I love it! I love the motion in the beautiful!