Nightmare on TAC Street- TURN INS OPEN

Happy Halloween everyone! Let's see some costumes! You have until Sunday at Midnight EST to get turned in.

Verileah 12 years ago
Yay turn in time!

I had KaAnna's Sarwyn! I kept her wild punk look and dressed her up as a zombie! A punk zombie! I hope you like it!

Dia 12 years ago
I present:


lil av

I fully intended to make him a bum or something non refined, but he wouldn't let me =)
Also, Marilyn Manson( apple of sodom, cryptorchid) provided the right music to be inspired by for this
Beli 12 years ago
My nightmare was Aellas!

Her Warhammer dwarf, Pamda, is baking her meat pies in the horror musical, "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street."

Mmm-mmm! Have a little priest! ie2



This is a thank-you to Eve for being so giving of her time in setting up multiple exchanges (although her lack of participation in previous Howls is just plain blasphemy). Her EQ druid, Meganya, was brought out of retirement for this piece. (That was totally a trick question when I asked you who you would have used in the past, Eve. Larger size available if needed.)

Wystro 12 years ago
This is for Dia! The av and sig are coming later today!

Here is the rest of the stuff, and I got to use Eve's Hallowed Touch frames! Aren't they amazing? (I mean the frames! I just re-read this and the statement can be interpreted a different way!)



Signature I like better but it isn't legal!
EireDOrakaa 12 years ago
Killandra as Ashoka Tano....
(if you want the links instead, just let me know)

Karaliina 12 years ago
I had Sabby! I wanted to do something special for you hon. I know it's not very original as my muse ran away on me, but I hope you like it non the less. <3

Janthin 12 years ago
I had Quiarrah. I hand painted this on my iPad, so it's 1024x768 (that's as big as it has!). Hope you like!!

and sig sized, best I could do. Feel free to edit your own

Vaia 12 years ago
I got Beli
Just tried to do something fun - Your cat must be up to something

Hope you like it!

quiarrah 12 years ago

I had Janthin/Yorgos . . . .I have never done a male character before. Nor have I done a Vampire. . .so I dressed him up as the main bad-dude Dark Hunter Archeron in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilynn Kenyon.
Hope you like him . . .
KaAnna 12 years ago
I had patslash!! I hope you still play WoW x_x lol ;D

Enjoy, I hope you like!

Sabby 12 years ago
I had Karaliina, I dressed you up as Little Red Riding Hood... a little bit sexier modern twist on her. I am not even remotely familiar with dynamic cloth and I tried my best to get the cloak to do what I wanted it to do, but no matter what it always fell off her shoulder. So... yea, let's pretend that was intentional. I hope you like her.

Upon further looking at this, I included a purple toned variation of them all, since I didn't include your purple highlights in the hair for fear of clashing with her red hood.

Norella 12 years ago
I hope I am doing this right! LOL

I had Najescha's Wood Elf Druid, Thobahnya!

I hope you like it! <3
Darsa 12 years ago
I'm here! Thank goodness, OMG, stupid freak nor'easter last night knocked out our internet. FINALLY it's back on, and I can turn in my offerings for:


Okay, first here's the Halloween desktop I did. She dressed up as a ballerina, and her faithful companion decided to be a cowboy. This was after MUCH discussion between the two, as Brandy had other ideas as to what her wolf-friend should dress up as (this one is not finished, lol) :

So, wolf finally got her way, and got to be a cowboy; here's the desktop picture:

And here's the signature; Brandy had decided at this point that she'd had enough of the up-do, fancy tiara and all:

Oh! And it was suggested that a ZOMBIE ballerina would have been cool, so I edited her a bit for that, too, if you prefer:

And last, I did this thing while waiting for the internet to decide to come back to me. This is just a fall scene without the Halloween dress-up:

I hope that you like them!!
quiarrah 12 years ago
Janthin . . . let me know if the one is not big enough and I will fix it on Monday. . ..I think I am having problems with photobucket because it was bigger than that on Paintshop!
najescha 12 years ago
I had Angelique by Norella If you need another size please let me know. I hope you like it! (as the image is a bit big here is only the link)

All Images uploaded with
SnowDragon 12 years ago
I decided to do 2 different looks for you Roz. I hope you like.

Kilandra 12 years ago
I had Eire D'Orakaa. FOr some reason I could not get ballet out of my head. Probably because she seems like the type of character who is always in armor and hates dressing up. I could be wrong though lol SO, this year, she went as someone who performs in the ballet, but not just any ballet... Alice in Wonderland Ballet I hope you enjoy it. I made her skin, and hand dialed the character, and lots of fun doing it. I guess part of it came from listening to Wicked World by Laura Jansen so much while working in daz lol

(this is a .png so make sure to save it as such )

oh, and one that I just used half of (obviously, but throwing in the full figure just in case you want her!)
brandydeshea 12 years ago
Darsa, after much deliberation , lol, finally let me know that she wanted to be a saucy witch. I hope you enjoy your images, I had great fun making them!

Hugs Brandy