Blade Runner Mafia Character Thread

Characters are due Monday, March 7th by Midnight est.

Alrighty, this time around you are all living in an apartment building on the east side of “the city” where you are under investigation from the police for android infestation.

I’m going to keep this fairly open ended this time around. When you write up your character, be sure to include his/her name and gender. Some questions that you may want to answer while writing up your character are:

Why didn’t you emigrate to Mars? Do you have any intentions of doing so?
How do you feel about undergoing a Voigt-Kampff Altered Test?
What kind of animal do you have? Is it real or mechanical?
What do you do to earn a living/keep busy during the day?

You may chose to write up this character however you see fit; you can take us through a typical day with your character, for example. If you wish, you can make up an imaginary “poop sheet” for your character. Sky is the limit here, make ‘em good .

MEC 18 years ago
Name: Marcus Crowley
Age: 19
Marcus Crowley was born into a rich family, but he never liked the usual haughtiness of the rich. He also goes by the name Mark, and lets others choose which they wish to call him by. The rest of his family left to Mars but he stayed simply because he never got along to well with them. He also has an older sister, Nicole, who decided to stay on earth. His pet is Leo, a Liger which was the result of careless breeding between his father's Tiger and a Lion. The resulting hybrid was, as the cases usually are, sterile. Leo's name is a very strange one since Leo is in fact a female, she was named leo by Mark's youngest sister, who didn't understand that the cat wasn't a boy. Marcus has no problem in taking the Voigt-Kampff Altered Test. And he lives off the large inheritance given to him by his family when he stayed on earth.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I’m going to keep this fairly open ended this time around. When you write up your character, be sure to include his/her name and gender. Some questions that you may want to answer while writing up your character are:

Why didn’t you emigrate to Mars? Do you have any intentions of doing so?
How do you feel about undergoing a Voigt-Kampff Altered Test?
What kind of animal do you have? Is it real or mechanical?
What do you do to earn a living/keep busy during the day?

Name: Caitlinn V'Bran
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Space Station 9 - Mars Orbit

'Well shit.'

Tip toeing over the edge of the disengaged bridge, Caitlinn peered down. All the way down. Looking back up and across she saw the bridge half extended and the controls on the other side to command it.

They were coming. Coming fast.

Mumbling out loud, 'I can make that.' She turned around behind her and judged the distance. 'Well...I could maybe make that.' Caitlinn closed her eyes and listened to the silence. The alarm had shut off about 10 minutes earlier. She wasn't sure it was a good thing. 'Fuck it'. Walking away from the edge she walked back around the corner to find another way across. Disappearing around the corner the silence engulfed the evacuating space station hovering Mars.

Suddenly the chattering was deafening and Caitlinn V'bran ran full speed around the corner, slipping a little. She was being followed by about 2 dozen of the invading aliens that had caused the high security breach and evacuation. She thought it was about 2 dozen, she wasn't about to look back and count.

With a grunt Caitlinn reached the edge of the bridge way and jumped. The aliens were milliseconds behind her but not as fearless. Caitlinn stretched her body and her fingertips begged to reach the half extended bridge way. The jump was perfect and exactly 29.7 feet in length. She tucked and her shoulders banged against the metal archway. Rolling out her body skid almost over the left edge. Righting herself Caitlinn looked behind her at the none too happy, human like carnivores watching her with dead and angry eyes. With a smile she turned and looked up.

A shadow stood over her. A shadow that made her suddenly question if what she ran to wasn't far worse than what she was running from.

***XX years later - Earth***

Caitlinn sat fairly unladylike in the back seat of the manned autocab. That was an odd occurrence. You don't see many manned cabs anymore, especially going to where she was headed. Her left hand played with the in seam of her pants while her right slowly traced the edge of her cracked lips. The neon red lights outside her cab reflected off her gray eyes as they drove to their destination. Earth had changed since she had been there last. She closed her eyes and tried to remember. Licking her dry lips she tried to recall the color green.

So long ago. long ago.

The autocab clipped a light pole, shifting it violently to the left. 'Oops', chuckled the cabbie. Caitlinn's eyes remained closed and she reached out instinctively with her left hand to protect the cargo next to her. Her reflexes righting the box almost the moment it happened. Cait opened her eyes and looked at her reflection of the autocab's door window. Her shoulder length dark hair and soot covered skin. She had traveled the past week returning from Mars.

The cabbie had tried to strike up a conversation. 'Who comes to Earth anymore?' he said.

Caitlinn smiled. 'Who indeed.'

The autocab stopped in front of her building on the east side. Not very affluent but it suited her needs. The cabbie turned and looked at her, 'I don't know why you want to come here. Only people running from something come here.' He eyed her suspiciously.

Again she protectively touched the box next to her. 'It's not what I'm running from...but who I hope to find.' Exiting the autocab she deposited the fare. Standing in front of the tall structure, one arm wrapped around her box, the other holding a medium sized suitcase. She read the notice on the front entrance.

Voigt-Kampff Altered Testing
March 9th 2---

Caitlinn blinked solemnly at it and released her suitcase. Opening the small box with her she peered in. A little paw came out and thwabbed her face. 'You're an angry little bugger, aren't you?' The small black cat poked it's head out of the box and mewed at her master. The woman reached into her pocket and held a treat out for it. The cat sniffed at it and wrinkled its nose. She returned the treat back to her pocket.

Caitlinn V'Bran, formerly of Mars district Seattle PD, entered the shabby apartment building just as the rain began to pour.
Larene_Stormfire 18 years ago
Nme: Polarn Summersong
Age 39
Gender Female


Polarn had gone to Mars only to return as quickly as possible. She hated the enclosed dome that covered the cities on the planet, they made her feel closed in and the air made her sick at times when it had been recycled to much.

It had taken her 10 long years to save enough credits to return to earth and she was here to stay.

Looking out the grimy window of her 4th floor apartment she closed her eyes and remembered tall lush trees, bubbling brooks and the smell of the ocean. Remembering made her relax.

Opening her eyes, she grimaced again at the choking dust that covered everything,

"Well once again off to work" she thought as she gathered up her bags and airmask. As she reached the door the heavy beating of wings distracted her. Turning towards the sound she saw her Moluccan Cockatoo watching her.

"Not today sweetheart" she crooned " today is not a good day for you to be outside, perhaps tomorrow"

With that said she turned on a viddisc of pictures and sounds of a rain forest, knowing it would calm the bird.

She left knowing she would be late for work.....
Vulash 18 years ago
Name: Marcus Bragg
Age: 27
Gender: all male

Marcus was always a large man. All star defensive end in high school he never needed to worry to much about book work or his grades. He had big plans of going professional and any college would have gladly taken him - at least until his hovercab decided to go through a local cafeteria instead of around it. The Doctors thought he wouldn't walk again, but he had always been strong willed. Now he had a slight limp, but at least he could get around just fine. It was unfortunate he was told, that his injuries happened as everyone was leaving for Mars. Marcus didn't know what was so good about Mars anyway.

Dreams dashed, and future crushed Marcus still knew how to enjoy life. By taking it easy. He enjoyed the simplier things, sex, beer, and sitting at home after work watching sports (on good nights all 3 at once). His job wasn't so bad, "Waste Management". It paid the bills and he didn't have to work overtime.

He had two pet "rats", he called them mice (large like him). He kept one hidden when he had company, but never really understood societies crazy rules about one per person.

Life was simple and easy at this point in Marcus's life, and he hoped it would stay that way...
Rasberry 18 years ago
The shuttle terminal was easily the loudest place Dana had ever been. People of all shapes and sizes rushed past her, some with their lives packed away into large bulky suitcases, others with just tickets in their hands, but all of them seemed to be making as much noise as humanly possible. Dana watched in fascination as two men, neither of whom happened to be watching where they were going, collided with one another, spilling their combined luggage across the terminal walkway. She could barely hear her mother over the pandemonium that ensued.

"I said," her mother repeated. "I’m going to be right over there to check us in, and I need you to stay and watch our things. Okay?"

"But I don’t want to stay here," Dana whined. "I want to go with you."

"I’m not going to leave our bags here alone, and I’m certainly not going to gather everything up just to walk fifteen feet to the registry. Now stay here, and look after our luggage. I’ll be right back."

Dana wasn’t convinced.


"But nothing Dana," her mother said, an air of frustration entering her voice. Dana recognized it all too well. "Look, I won’t be far, the desk is just over there. I need you to stay. After all, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to Muffin would you?

"No," Dana admitted, looking down at the locked carrier that housed their beloved cat. They had been unwilling to entrust the animal to the baggage department, and instead had opted, as most did, to count the carrier among their walk-on luggage.

"I wont be more then a few minutes. Be brave for me, okay?"

"Okay," she said, placing a protective hand on Muffin’s carrier. "I’ll be brave for Muffin too."

"Good girl," Dana’s mother said, smiling. A moment later she tuned and began to wade through the surging crowd. Dana frowned as she quickly lost sight of her mother. She tried standing on her toes, but with all the people it became increasingly difficult to see, so she flipped her suitcase onto its side and stepped up on top of it. The new view wasn’t commanding, but sufficient. Muffin began to move restlessly in his carrier.

"Muffin, be still," Dana insisted. "She said she would be right back."

At that moment, Dana heard a commotion behind her. She wondered if there had been another accident, but before she could turn to see what had happened, a man came barreling past her, nearly knocking her from her makeshift podium. The man had light, almost white hair, and was wearing a long black duster. She saw that he was sweating, and in an almost surreal moment, he paused, looked down at her with a pair of cold, piercing blue eyes-- and smiled.

"STOP! POLICE!" another voice shouted from behind her. The man broke his gaze and bolted. Dana turned her head just in time to see a second man draw a pistol. Her eyes widened as he fired a shot into the air. "GET DOWN, ALL OF YOU!"

The order was unnecessary, as panic quickly gripped the crowd, and people began to scramble in all directions to get away. Dana didn’t move. She could see the man in the black duster forcing his way through the turmoil, desperately trying to escape, but despite the swarm of people, the officer raised his weapon and fired. The man stumbled, and a neat red hole began to spread outwards from the small of his back. The weapon sounded again, spinning the man around before he finally fell to the polished tile floor, dead.

The crowd slowly began to calm down, dutifully backing away from the recently deceased. All but one. A woman stood, hands held firmly against her stomach, blood flowing through her clenched fingertips. She looked up, confused.


Dana looked into her mothers eyes from across the room, but she didn’t recognize them; they had glassed over, distant, like a dolls eyes. Her mother collapsed.

Jesus, we have a civilian down. We need a Medevac now!

Dana told herself it wasn’t happening, it wasn’t real. If she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, it would all go away. She tried to take that breath, but it felt as though her lungs had been crushed by some unseen force.

Shit! Hold on, just hold on!

She couldn't breath.

She’s losing too much blood...

She couldn’t...

BREATH! The rain beat furiously against the window of Dana’s apartment as she sat up, gasping for air. She instinctively pushed away the week old newspapers that made up her bedding; darkness surrounded her. It was always the same nightmare, every night for seven years. Well, this time Dana wasn’t going to cry. She refused to cry. Be brave for me, okay?

The paper surrounding her began to shuffle, as Muffin peaked his head out, concerned.

"Oh, did I frighten you?" she asked. Muffin responded by rubbing his head against her leg and purring. "I know, I’m sorry."

Dana picked him up and scratched him gently behind the ears, that was his favorite. She looked around as her eyes began to adjust to the dark. Her fifth floor apartment was a cold, kipple infested hole. Not a life she would have imagined for herself. Muffin began to struggle to get down, so she released him and began to gather up the newspaper. She would at least make an attempt to go back to sleep.

Suddenly, a sharp beam of light shot through her fifth floor window. Dana jumped, startled for a moment, but relaxed when a familiar voice accompanied it:

"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. A chance to begin again, in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!"

She sighed. What she wouldn’t give to begin again. She wanted it more than anything, and wondered why it was that the one thing you want most is always the one thing you know you can’t have? The beam of light slowly panned across the warped wooden floorboards, and then disappeared, presumably into the adjacent room. The rain outside was relentless, streaming down her windowpane like so many tears. Dana watched it for a moment, and then began to cry.

Name: Dana
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Geeii 18 years ago
I remember the good ol' days; Back before everything turned to shit. I suppose it was my fault - the drugs and all. I had a promising career, a woman that loved me, a small but comfortable apartment - hell we were living on Mars. Living the good life.

"God, where did I go wrong? What the hell is wrong with me?!" His anger was surging, threatening to take over. If only he could just get his hands on a couple pills. Just a couple - everything would be fine.

"No!" He slammed the table, disturbing Plato, his gardner snake. The flourescent light flickered in his small glass sanctuary. Prison.

Then the android problem started appearing. Always a bit more open-minded, I had used my position as a professor to try and stop the storm I knew was coming. But, even on Mars, people are still human - still afraid of change, afraid of those that are different. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried. If I had kept my damn mouth shut I would still be living the good life. I would be happy - right?

He gathered his scattered papers. He needed more. Paper was getting harder to find, everything was. Nobody understood why he didn't just keep his notes electronically. He had the money to afford it. He had enough to live in a nicer part of town. He could have bought an exotic jungle animal - hell maybe even a horse. Nobody understood. Even here, he was different. Especially here.

Catering to the wealthy, he commuted across town every day to tutor children on being human. 'Teach them the nuances. Tell them about the old philosophers. Show them poetry, art, archaic religions,' he was always told. And he did. Oh, his students were good little Earthlings. Protectors of nature, good to the fellow man - completely bent on the destruction of androids. It made him sick.

To Professor Tyler Anderson:

It is with much regret that we must inform you of your termination here at the Institute of Philosophy and Religion. Your service has been most appreciated. However, due to recent changes in your curriculum and several complaints, we must cease your employment here, effective immediatly.

Thank you,
Johnathan Spears
Dean of Philosophy

P.S. Tyler, I am sorry - it had to be done. You were just going too far. Today's situation is very volatile; you are just too revolutionary. You are bordering on obsessive. See someone. This is especially rough considering your recent family accident. I am very sorry.

"Why did I think it would be different here? Why do I even try. Humans are flawed, selfish, violent people. I can't change that. I can't," again Tyler was talking to only himself. Again, Tyler was high.

Tyler Anderson
Age: 47
Voigt-Kampff Altered Test Results: Unknown
Cobert 18 years ago
Jean Colbert
Age: 32

I didn't emigrate to Mars simply because of my job. As a mechanical technician, there is no shortage of work, and you are always in demand. it offers me the freedom and independence.

That said, its harder to not consider moving to Mars. When I first started my job (I forget how long ago) I worked with numerous people, and I had many friends. As the years went on, my friends became disillusioned with the dreary and depressing atmosphere of the Earth city and moved off world. A few years ago, my last friend made the decision to move offworld, essentialy leaving me alone here. While I do interact with others on a daily basis, I essentialy keep to myself during off work hours, and I try to work as much overtime as I can.

I don't have a pet, but in the past I had a cat. Due to my technical ineptness, he broke down more often then not, so I had to sell him for spare parts.

The "Voigt-Kampff Altered Test" is of no real worry to myself. I know that I'll pass.
Pulvani 18 years ago
Name: Jed Hanover
Age: 52

My name's Jed, and I'm the janitor in this building. Oh sure, you can dress it up and call it "custodian" or "maintenance technician" if you like. Actually I do like to put down "maintenance technician" on paper if anybody asks. It sounds better.

But I'm not ashamed of my job. You actually meet some pretty neat people. Like old Mrs. Manchester who used to live upstairs? She's the one that gave me my kitten, Keero. Her Princess had kittens, and she gave most of them to a shop to sell, but I think she felt bad for me since I didn't have a pet of my own. Anyway, Keero and I get along pretty well.

So why am I here, and not on Mars? Are you kidding? I know where I'm supposed to be, and on some funny red planet miles and miles away ain't it. If I told my Pa (rest his soul) that we'd all be livin' on Mars someday, he'd prolly call the nuthouse on me. Anyway, this life's not so bad. I do wish they could do something about all this dust though.

The job has its benefits too. For instance, I could tell you more about any person in this building than anybody else...things supposedly said behind closed doors, papers accidentally dropped in the halls, you name it. 'Course, it's probably just a lot of gossip...but with them "androids" runnin around you can never be sure if people are what they say they are.

They have this "test" now to determine if someone is human or not. Pfft! That company that made those machines made them so lifelike, I don't even think THEY can tell the difference between the machines and humans anymore. Anyway, I heard that guy with the lion/tiger upstairs sayin' that anyone can fake them tests if they want to...I'll reckon he's probably right.
Mileron 18 years ago
Name: Collin McStetson
Age: 31

The jarring thud of the shuttle landing racked Collin's bones. He hadn't wanted to feel that particular jolt again... But then, Fate had had a different plan for him, didn't she?

He waited til his cabin brightened, and picked up his single bag and identi-card. From his pocket he fished a tiny computer screen, and stared at the graphic pictured there... The golden tabby, one eye green, the other blue, stared at him, same as she did when she was living... He password protected the graphic, and with a sigh, pulled open the partial airlock onto the main deck.
Aziyade 18 years ago
When her mother died from dust poisoning the authorities tried to take Anabel to an orphanage. She had heard about those places and what happened to the children that were taken there. She ran away and disappeared into the kipple. Anabel managed to survive the last several years by scrounging in the old buildings for food and clothing. She kept on the move in order to evade the sweeps the cops regularly made to find the specials.

A few years ago Anabel’s body began to change, which gave her another reason to stay on the move and keep away from others, especially males. That was also when the voices started. It took Anabel a while to realize that the voices were actually the thoughts of people nearby. Their thoughts were often dark and depressing, which gave her yet another reason to distance herself as much as possible.

All that changed 6 months ago. She met a boy named Andy. He didn’t look at her as if she were fresh meat, in fact, he initially was as afraid of her as she was of him. It wasn’t long before they realized they had much in common. He could not hear the thoughts of others, but he could make things move without touching them.

Andy disappeared two weeks ago; Anabel assumed the cops got him. She moved to a new building right away but she went back to the old building periodically to check if he had returned there. She hoped she would find him again, she hoped he’d be happy when she told him that she had a baby growing inside her. No matter what though, she knew she and her baby would survive. It’s all she knew how to do.

Name: Anabel
Age: 19
Gender: Female.
Etric 18 years ago
"When you have no where to go, you stay where you are." Earth was silent, covered in a shroud of kipple. "And it'll be my grave as well, eventually, Jarvis thought to himself." A harsh voice interrupted his musings. "Ya gonna just stare or are ya gonna help her?" With a sigh, Jarvis went back to his work, trying to return life where none was left. This was the reason he didn't leave with the rest. During this time, he actually felt liked, needed... appreciated. Besides caring for his pig, Oinky, this was the only time where he felt needed. "It's just a recursive problem Mr. Thomson; don't worry Mixie will be as good as new in a moment". Sure enough, the mechanical cat sprang to life and let out a smooth purr. "Now about-" Jarvis cut him off with a hand gesture. "I'll be going now" said Jarvis as he began to leave. "
T_Smith 18 years ago
Rufus Deaner
Age: 25
Gender: Male

I would have liked to have gone to Mars, but they sa I'm a bit touched in the head, see. Doc's say its schizophrenia. Yeah, I could have had it altered, or "controlled" but they want me to take that medication so they can control me. I know I'm sane. I'm still perfectly capable of making decisions, even if they are irrational at times. Myeh, who needs Mars anyway. Stewart keeps me company, even if he is working for them. Stewart is my turtle, fake of course... like I could afford a real one on my salary. I'm a bartender in the day. Heavy security, of course. No one gets in without my knowing, no one leaves without my knowing. I know things. Everyone wants to know what I know, but what I know is for me to know. What, you want to make something of it!? No way am I going to take one of those altered tests, man. No way. Thats just a front for them taking what I know.
Jinheim 18 years ago
Name: Jacob Rasmussen
Age: 39
Sex: Male

Jacob Rasmussen exhaled a long stream of smoke as he gazed off his 14th floor balcony, his eyes and mind fixated on the ebb and flow of humanity beneath him. He watched as the constant trickle of people, like the currents and eddies of a lazy river, moved along the cracked and filthy road that lay 200 feet beneath him. They drudged to and from their meaningless jobs and petty distractions. A doomed people on a doomed world.

Home, sweet home he silently mouthed to himself for the thousandth time over these last few years, before closing his lips around his cigarette to take another drag. Good tobacco was a rare find in these days, and he was not so lucky. It was the cheapest tobacco that could be found, crudely home-rolled in coarse paper. The occasional raindrop that struck and soaked into it did not help the burn, but you take what you can get.

That was the hard lesson that Jacob had learned: take what you can get. He couldn't get a ride off of this rotting rock of a planet, so what he took was a miserable excuse for a job chopping and steaming vegetables that would be turned into mediocre dishes, and then served to people on their lunch breaks from their equally miserable jobs.

He inhaled again, deeply this time, and the smoke burned even his battle-scarred lungs. I hope it kills me soon, he thought. The world was caught in a downward spiral: nothing ever got better for anyone, at least not for long. He knew, though, that the best thing to do on nights like these, when his despair for all those still trapped on Earth threatened to overwhelm him and fling him over the edge of his balcony, was to just put out his cancer-stick and go back inside. He leaned down and his thick fingers grasped the warm butt of the cigarette as he pushed it into the wet concrete, extinguishing its flame.

As he stood back up, he caught a strong chill and he instinctively rubbed his large hands up and down his thick, burly arms in an effort to warm himself. He was a short and heavily-built man, of mainly Russian decent. He seldom caught a chill, and when he did, it was rarely because of the temperature. He trudged back inside, to his one remaining comfort: The long-haired, floppy eared black rabbit named Kenny. When he had still had friends, they had often teased him for the glaring dissimilarities between the two of them. Physically, Jacob was about as far from a cute widdle bunny as a man can get. Was he really all that different on the inside, though? Maybe that damned V-K test would tell him. He'd taken it once before, many years ago, and all the questions had been about animals, usually dead ones. It had been a thoroughly disgusting process and he was not looking forward to having to repeat it in the days ahead. He sighed deeply to himself, and laid down on his couch, stroking Kenny's ears until sleep took him. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day.
Verileah 18 years ago
hmm, unless we have a last minute surge of characters, I'm gonna give this another day. We'll say...9pm est time tomorrow, and then I'll hand out roles.

Vulash 18 years ago
Make your characters motherfuckers I don't want to wait
Aramous 18 years ago
Make your characters motherfuckers I don't want to wait

Byte me :P
Aramous 18 years ago
Male: 35

Madcow had a rough childhood. His parents were poor and this was one of the things he was always mocked for. This brought on his determination to be better then everyone. As time went on, Madcow’s parents felt there was nothing left for them here and decided to head up to Mars. This left a sour taste in Madcow’s mouth and was determined to prove to those who mocked him, he was the better person. Madcow was not a fighter but always loved a mental challenge. In his early 20’s, he became a worker at the plant. Soon after a horrific accident occurred which took out his left eye. A semi – conductor shot out and destroyed his eye. Because of the amount of internal bleeding that occurred this left his only working eye disfigured. He had to wear special glasses to hide this. Time went on in the plant and he adapted well. So good that he became the top dog and was creating a noble personality. Every looked up to him because of his ability and the personality he created for himself.

Yet he still wanted to get back at those who dealt him the wrong cards when he was young and this stayed with him forever. Madcow lived in the Upper East Side of Manhatten and lives the classy life. Everybody thought of him as the COOL neighbor and they all loved him cause of his generosity. He had his pet ferrit (Emmitt), which he uses to lure the attractive women, to break the ice for reason obvious to the public. He owns a horse (Dakota) as well. Madcow, a respected individual, works like anyone else, but behind closed doors, no one really knows what he does.
Verileah 18 years ago
Meh, I post my unfortunate throw away character! Meet the lovely and soon to be dead Vera Staton.

From: [email][/email]
To: [email][/email]
Subject: RE: Project Gradient


It is past time to accept that our experiment has failed. I have inside information that suggests the police are on our very doorsteps, and as your legal advisor I strongly suggest we cease Project Gradient at once.

There is no evidence to suggest the Nexus 6.3 can consistently pass the Voigt-Kampff Altered Test. It’s time to face facts. Furthermore, we have absolutely no legal leg to stand on in continuing our efforts. We will be shut down, possibly eliminating all android production.

Retire the androids before they are retired for us.

Vera Staton
Lead Legal Advisor
The Rosen Corporation

From: [email][/email]
To: [email][/email]
Subject: RE: RE: Project Gradient


You are a most paranoid and peculiar woman. You say there is no evidence to support the theory that the Nexus 6.3 can pass the Voigt-Kampff? Perhaps you can explain our more recent findings to the contrary then.

I resent your implication that we are engaging in illegal activity with our experiment. How can Project Gradient be illegal when the very point of the entire operation is to not get caught?

Vera, you are an asset to our team, there is no denying that. We need you to pave the way for more life-like androids in our future, not develop creative arguments for the other side!

Rachael Rosen
VP of Sales
The Rosen Corporation

From: [email][/email]
To: [email][/email]
Subject: Police Assignment

I doubt the officer assigned to our case would see eye to eye with your definition of legality.

You hired me to enable the Rosen Corporation to create the best in android technology, and you must believe I am fully committed to supporting this goal. However, we must proceed in a legal and ethical manner.

pharren 18 years ago
Simon let out a disgusted sigh, swiveled on his heel, and briskly walked out onto the balcony.

"Mister Williams..." began the young woman, a pleading tone heard lurking behind the professional demeanor of her voice.

"Bullshit!" Simon snapped before she could continue. He already knew what she was going to say anyways. He knew, and he secretly despised her eagerness to appease him. "This is bullshit! How dare they... how DARE they!"

"Mister Williams, I will send a formal inquiry as soon as I receive the files. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. Once they send me the official..."

"No! They did this to me on purpose! It's that asshole Reeves! This is some sort of... some sort of 'punishment' for making him look stupid in front of one of the buyers at the last show on the New America colony."

"Mister Williams... Simon... once I receive the offical documents I will immediately file for a transfer. The formal inquiry will show the obvious mistake, and we will have you in suitable quarters in no time. Trust me. My cousin works at the Central Earth Office in Pittsburgh. I'll have her look into it personally."

"Fine! Fine. Susan, have the driver bring up the rest of my luggage. I'll need someone to set up my vanity here in the corner," Simon gestured to a dusty, cobwebbed corner of the filthy apartment "and put the full-length mirror over here. And for Christ's sake get someone in here to CLEAN this place!"

Simon straightened his turtleneck and walked back onto the balcony to sulk.

Name: Simon Williams
Age: 33
Occupation: fashion model
Verileah 18 years ago
Awesome job on character creation guys. I'm just bumping this to suggest that if you haven't already done so, read everyone's characters. They are a wonderful read, not to mention the fact that I take my clues from the character thread and scenario.