I'm only 3 1/2 minutes into this movie and it already kicks ass.


pharren 11 years ago
Who wouldn't want a chainsaw sword???
Gongaa 11 years ago
Okay... There was some SERIOUSLY fucked up stuff in this movie.

If you're into weird ass Japanese gore flicks, you'll love this.
Kelefane 11 years ago
You need to watch Art of the Devil Gongaa (its Japanese shock horror) That movie even fucked me up. Was hard to watch and it has a few movies.
Kelefane 11 years ago
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Gongaa 11 years ago
Damn dude, that looks pretty hardcore. It's a way different type of movie than Helldriver, though, which is so over the top gory that it's hilarious. Here's a few examples:

  • The typical "head / limb chopped off + resulting minute long blood spray*" thing

  • A zombie fetus lasso style ranged weapon (I nearly died laughing at that)

  • A huge "airplane" made of thousands of zombies assembled Voltron style, powered by two ICBMs

I'll definitely check out the Art of the Devil movies, though.

* The best example of that was a heart getting ripped out and a blood spray happening in the hole where the heart was.
Kelefane 11 years ago
I couldnt watch Art of the Devil. Those fucking Japanese dont give a shit and throw every single human caring element out the window. A baby gets tortured for example in one scene...it was HELLA hard to watch lol. I mean literally tortured until it died. A baby! wtf! Them Japs are some evil fuckers.

But my god their shock horror takes it to a whole new level than everywhere else.

The Euro/Asian horror scene DESTROYS American horror these days. American horror is all a bunch of rehashed stuff. HAY GEORGE LETZ GO MAKES FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 99 OR MAKE A REMAKE OF HALLOWEEN!

Saw was the best (recent) horror franchise that America has had. but EVEN that got old quick. The original Saw to me was amazing and it made me think that America maybe turning the corner in the horror genre.

America is known for Serial Killers and Slasher horror. Euro/Asian horror is known for down right evil, hardcore, exploit, shock horror.