"Your Street" - WST Mar 4 - Mar 10

This week, sketch 'your' street - whether it's the street where you live, wait for the bus, played stick ball back in the day, etc etc.

Wystro 12 years ago
This is my street at night! I live right across from a Buddhist temple.

Verileah 12 years ago
I really like how you captured the parked vehicles while keeping the whole thing clean and bright.

This is the street I grew up on:

We lived across the street from a house that had been converted into a retirement home, and there was a man who would sit on his window sill and sing opera. Every house had a dog, often a ferocious one. And every house looked very different from the next.

I looked up my street on the google street view - I wasn't able to get a great look, but here are some pictures of what it looks like now.

It's possible my memory is not completely accurate, but even so, a lot has changed. You can't see my house in this picture, but the pretty gate on the right was mine.

There's my house. That gate was not there when I lived there. Sadly, the house and yard seem to be suffering from neglect, although it's been painted and the exterior walls repaired. When I lived there, the house was blue.