Anyone from the old EverQuest, Solusek Ro days on here?

If you can't remember me, I was a human Shadow Knight (Calidore) and a Human Monk (Kurukami) that was with Triadica when I met people like Roz...

Anyway, if you are like me, World of Warcraft just doesn't cut it anymore. And hasn't for a few years now... Man that game has been dumbed down so much

I recently discovered something wonderful though!!! If you go to you will find a website that has brought back EverQuest from 1999, Pre-Velious!!! They use emulator software to allow you to play the game. It. Is. Awesome! Especially those old ass boxy graphics (but you can use Luclin character models if you wish). The whole purpose is to enjoy the game we all fell in love with right after Kunark was released.

So if you miss OLD EQ, I think you need to check it out. They have a "Getting Started" guide on there that explains all you need to do.

I look forward to seeing old peeps on there! For those of you that do join, I play as *gasp* Kurukami a Human Monk!

ROzbeans 11 years ago
Wait, we met in Watch Tower, didn't we? Yeah. Good lord that was a million years ago LOL I remember you were talking about Public Enemy in guildchat and we were fast friends after that =D

I just quit WOW again, but absolutely no desire to play EQ. I'm busy pretending to be a writer ><
Vulash 11 years ago
So how like the old days is it? 8 hours a day for a month to level?
ROzbeans 11 years ago
Getting lost for hours, just trying to find where that fucking orc chased you down and killed you?
Kurukami 11 years ago
Actually, we met in Triadica. We were both new to the guild, you and Veb had just joined like a few days before I did or something like that.

As for how much like the old days... it is the old days :P At lower levels, you can do like 4 levels per day. But then it gets longer... And they have the Hell levels in effect :P

Still see people shouting in zones, "Has anyone seen my corpse?" har!
Sebastionleo 8 years ago
So this thread (and, it seems, most of this forum) has kind of died, but I started playing on p99 again, and was curious if anybody else was playing. I can play on some other servers and multibox to win, but I don't feel like doing that, I miss playing EQ with people I knew.