Blood Memory: Book 2 - Beneath the Surface

Blood memory: Book 2

Tentative release date is July 2013 - so I'm pushing Book 1 again and you can download your free copy at my website or

Read an excerpt from Book 2 at the link above. Follow me at Facebook, Blood Memory Series page and twitter.

Thanks for your continued support!

Gongaa 9 years ago
Jesus, Roz. You're really cranking them out!

Congratulations on finishing book 2!
ROzbeans 9 years ago
Well, it'll be neat, even if no one reads them. It looks sexy on my bookcase, hehe.
ROzbeans 9 years ago
Book 2 of my Blood Memory series is now out! Beneath the Surface is more action, adventure, mixed in with explosions, werewolves, and lots of mayhem. Hope y'all check it out either on amazon or Smashwords.