Asian Tuna Salad

I made this tonight:

I liked it a LOT, but it took a few minutes for me to decide that I did. In fact, I thought "WTF?" at first.

A few notes...

  • I had seasoned rice vinegar in my cupboard, so I didn't add the extra sugar. At first, I kinda wish I had. Then I decided it was better that I didn't.

  • I did the bed of lettuce variant using Romaine lettuce. I initially wished I had used iceberg lettuce (that most boring accountant of a vegetable), but then I decided I was happy I had used Romaine. I had also considered arugula, but in retrospect I think it would have clashed with the ginger and rice vinegar.

  • The recipe lists the servings prepared as 2-4. This is spot on. This was my dinner and I didn't have anything besides the lettuce and tuna salad. That was over five hours ago, I'm not hungry now, and I have more than half left over. For lunch, this used in a sandwich with something small like some carrot sticks to go with it could easily serve four. You'd need to use a bread that doesn't have a strong flavor, though.

  • I know there are weirdos out there who don't like cilantro. They should steer clear of this one - you definitely know it's in there.

  • It really took me a second to get used to what I was tasting. The only tuna salad I'd ever had is the mayonnaise bomb that your grandmother tries to force feed you when you visit. I fucking hate mayonnaise, so this was a welcome change - but it's different. I can't stress that enough.