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Sign Ups End Sunday April 20th at 8pm EST. First Hit will be posted on Monday the 21st!

Presidential Residence Bug_02:

“Uhm, Mr.President? We have a problem with the census database.”

“Do enlighten me. What problem would that be?”

“It appears to have been hacked, sir.”

“Are the records gone?”

“No, Sir, but the district information is completely gone. Probably someone's attempt to stop the games this year.”

“That won't happen. Fix them.”

“We are working on it, sir, but they won't be done in time for the tribute announcements. Should we call off the games?”

“Are you mad? Of course we will not be calling off the games. We will adapt and carry on.”

-Somewhere in District 2-

She closed the transmission from the Capitol and smiled. Success. Optimum results would have been a cancellation of the games but she had never expected it. In fact, she had known that this would be the most likely outcome and that is why she had only erased their district information. Had she deleted all the data then they would have simply come to each district and chosen two tributes from each, or worse made the districts chose two tributes themselves. Her son was all she had left. And now his chances of being chosen were considerably lower.

-Presidential Announcement-

This year marks the twenty fifth year of peace and prosperity for our fine nation. A quarter of a century ago we were at war. The savage uprising that led to so much horror, death and suffering will always be remembered. Our traditions keep us humble, remind us of what we have to lose without order. The Games are the most important part of those traditions. And it has been decreed that on this special quarterly anniversary of peace that there will be a different game.

On this the twenty fifth anniversary of the Hunger Games, I welcome you to the first quarter quell. This year, to remind everyone of the chaos and lawlessness that our nation faced because of the uprising, the tributes will be picked at random. Perhaps some districts will be spared and others will not, perhaps some will have no female tributes and others several of them. With each drawing of a name, let us be reminded of how our lives are made better by the gracious and protective government under which we live. Now let the drawings begin.

Mai 10 years ago
Tributes please fill out the following form.

Weapon of choice:
Background/Brief History

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((OOC: Here is a list of the districts and their specialties. We are counting on people to be creative and different so let's please not have a dozen district 12 Katniss clones.))

District One: Luxury goods, such as jewelry. (Their children often train illegally for the games. They are one of the districts considered to be a part of the “career” group)

District Two: Stone cutting, weapon making and security. They house the training center for the peacekeepers. (Their children are also part of the “career” group that train for the games.)

District Three: Electronics and Technology.

District Four: Fishing (Often part of the “career” group) The people from district four are considered to some of the best looking people in Panem. Almost everyone in district four can swim quite well.

District Five: Electrical Power and Factories. Mostly power plants and machine building.

District Six: Transportation. District six serves as a hub connecting the many lines of transportation through Panem. It has also been suggested that the district has a drug problem, with many of its people addicted to morphling.

District Seven: Lumber. A large portion of District Seven's forest consists of pine.

District Eight: Textiles (including at least one factory where peacekeeper uniforms are made)

District Nine: Grain

District Ten: Livestock

District Eleven: Agriculture. District Eleven is located in Southern Panem and is one of the largest districts.

District Twelve: Mining (mainly coal) There are two different social classes in this District. The poorer class consists of the miners while the local mercantile class is somewhat wealthier. There are starvation problems here and often the leadership and the peacekeepers overlook a thriving black market system of barter that goes on at the Hob.

For more information on the districts you can go here

May the odds be ever in your favor!
Vulash 10 years ago
Wystro 10 years ago
ROzbeans 10 years ago

District: 5
Weapon of choice: Bo Staff
Hobbies/Skills: miniature sculpting with stone
Appearance: Female, lithe proportions, light brown hair with blue eyes. Tan skin, mixed race.
Background/Brief History
Her family has been in District 5 for as long as the technology was around.

Vudu 10 years ago
Name: Tiesto Jordan

District: 3

Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow

Hobbies/Skills: Hobbies was constantly inventing things and finding ways to mess with electrical components. He would listen to music while getting entangled into his work. He did a form of parkour. He would be constantly seen around his district jumping over things that people often thought his hieght wouldn't allow him to reach. His way of parkouring made him seem to flawlessly float.

Appearance: Tiesto is kind of short for his family. He's only at 5'4 for a male in his family. Even his sisters are taller then him. He never let that stop him though from getting a job done. Tiesto was unique in his own way though. Tiesto has genetically modified eyes that allow him to see better in dim lighting. His eyes are this sort of yellow that glimmer in the sunlight and reflect when the moon is out. Tiesto has long black hair that he usually has in a pony tail to just below his shoulder blades. He tries to stay clean shaven but usually lets it get a little rough around the edges before he can actually get around to getting clean again. He was small, but athletic built.

Background/Brief History: Tiesto's father was an inventor in District 3. His father would occasionally bring home left over parts and random stuff from work. Which Tiesto would take them and find ways to imbue weapons into electrical/tazer weapons. Tiesto was an underground training participant and took home an arrow to try to find a way to imbue it with an electrical shock. To no luck the only fascinating thing he got out of the bow an arrow was a whistle shaft that he knows would echo in the trees.

Hiejinx 10 years ago
Name: Filomena Grassweaver
District: 8
Weapon: SlingShot
Hobbies/Skills: Weaving, Knots
Appearance: Mid height for 17 year old female, brown hair, brown eyes
Background/History: Security is so strict in the district even now, years after the uprising. This security only serves to emphasize the irony of the factories that make PeaceKeeper uniforms. We get up each day and trudge to work and weave or sew until we are old with crippled arthritic hands. Maybe Paylor sees our commitment and will offer some relief when and if she ever is in charge. One can only hope, however small that flame of hope may be. Does dedication and commitment really equate to rewards and acknowledgement or just more of the same drudge routine?
Rae 10 years ago
Name: Artemis Bellezone
District: 3
Weapon of choice: High voltage tazer. (No stun setting on this thing)
Hobbies/Skills: A genius with anything electrical or mechanical. Loves to invent things.
Appearance: 6' 2'', Shoulder length black hair that he wears pulled back into a pony tail. Green eyes. Lean athletic build.
Background/Brief History:

Artemis was a runner for the various workshops around District 3. He spent his days running supplies and lifting heavy equipment from one workshop to another. It wasn't that Artemis wasn't clever enough to build the technology that the district was known for, he was. The problem was that he had tendency to put different things together just to see what would happen. This often resulted in explosions. Thus, the more safety minded folk in the district felt it was best if he didn't do anything more creative than be a runner. So, that is what he was....during the day.

Artemis didn't have many friends. He didn't figure there was much of point until he too old to be included in the draw. To make up for this, Artemis spent his nights building robots in an abandoned underground bunker. If you can't have human friends, you might as well make mechanical ones.
Mai 10 years ago
We will see how many people we have on Sunday the 20th. If there isn't enough by then there won't be a game.

So tell your friends or something!
Connor Flintrook 10 years ago
Name: Connor Flintrook
District: 2
Weapon of Choice: Japanese Katana
Hobbies/Skills: Master swordsmith and weapons expert. Trainer of the best fighters in the games.
Appearance: Tall and slender, 5'11 with medium brown hair, blue eyes, pale complexion
Background/Brief History: Flintrook family has trained the many contestants of the games for over 50 years. Builders of the finest weapons in the district. I was taught to smith weapons starting at age 12. I look forward to carrying on my family's great name to supreme honor in the games.
Mai 10 years ago
I am sad to say that we do not have enough people for a game. I apologize to all the people who took the time to write a bio and thank them kindly for that effort. Perhaps there will be another mafia some time in the future but it does not seem like people are able to commit to one now.

The 25th Hunger Games has been cancelled as a result of low ratings. I suppose the odds were in everyone's favor.
Mai 10 years ago
I am sad to say that we do not have enough people for a game. I apologize to all the people who took the time to write a bio and thank them kindly for that effort. Perhaps there will be another mafia some time in the future but it does not seem like people are able to commit to one now.

The 25th Hunger Games has been cancelled as a result of low ratings. I suppose the odds were in everyone's favor.