Blade Runner - Did we screw up?

The apartment building on the east side of the city had never seen such activity. The residents became increasingly unnerved as cops came and went with no explanation and precious little information, until finally they all agreed to meet in the abandoned top floor suite and discuss their current situation. It all started calmly enough, and looking back no one could really explain what exactly lit the fuse. Voices were raised, things were said and taken back and said again. One neighbor shoved another hard in the chest, slamming him into a rotting chest of drawers.

The sudden violence and the oppressive smell of mold and rot in the apartment were enough to bring everyone to agreement on one thing; it was probably time for a breather on the balcony, if one could call strapping on masks to filter the toxic air and standing around out of doors a breather. Unfortunately the cooler air did nothing to end the tension; muscles twitched in anticipation of a fight and sharp looks were exchanged. Soon the shouting began again, and escalated dangerously to pushing.

In the end, the only thing the neighbors walked away agreeing on that night was that Madcow had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He probably hadn’t even seen it coming, what with his bad eye leaving him blind on one side. Had he not chosen to lean on the railing in quite that way, or moved a little quicker when a tangle of quarrelling people careened into him, perhaps he would not have fallen. Fallen, of course. Certainly not pushed to his death.

Sounds like we did....

Damn you Verileah damn you!

Vulash 19 years ago
I don't know last game when we lynched people we got like the worst guilt trip story ever created x 10 and all felt bad so maybe we didn't. Although I didn't suspect Aramous - poor guy has been targeted early both games ;p
pharren 19 years ago
screw up how? i think she was just setting the mood that everyone in the building isnt readily admitting that they purposely killed madcow, that theyre lying to themselves saying oops we accidentally shoved him over the edge.

like elvaiz, i think that the roles are "randomly" assigned. and i still think madcow is best bet for serial killer. if theres no random serial killing in the morning, ill feel vindicated!!! if the SK is still alive... sorry aramous
Aramous 19 years ago

I wasn't even playing a necro. ops:

You guys are making Ray Charles cry imho.
pharren 19 years ago
you were acting suspiciously under the circumstances