My Girlfriend's Drawing

My girlfriend draws a lot but is very insecure with her artwork so I had a hard time getting her to draw something for me. I finally weasled this away from her. I took a picture using my camera so forgive the quality of the picture.

If you look on her ass you will see the astrological sign for Saggitarrius which is what she is. If you look in the rocks, there's a crab hidden (Cancer) which would be me.

Banbin 17 years ago
Guess I shoulda posted the picture with that.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Charley said your name is Nicole and that he'd be showing you this. Personally I can't freehand draw all, so being able to draw something recognizable is amazing to me =)

The first thing that stands out is your scale and perspective. I'm not all that hip on what that means exactly (never taken art classes) but you probably get my meaning. Your perspective from the fairy to the water to the mountains. You can tell it seems a little off.

Your fairy is adorable and your cat is very well done. What's really eye catching is your fairy wings. I really like how they came out, very fantasy inspired and I like the colors as well. Great job, you should let Charley post more of your stuff. =)
Gilae 17 years ago
It's gutsy to put your work up for anyone to comment on. I can't draw freehand either...but I make a mean stick man!

I noticed first off there's a lot of texture in it. I especially like the mountains which seem slightly Escher-esque.

Hope you post more stuff soon!
Guest 17 years ago

I can see you're already developing a great sense of style and pay attention to a lot of details. The fairy wings are just faboo! The style of the fairy actually reminds me a lot of

One thing that stands out to me which Mae pointed out is the perspective. It seems as if the viewing angle is changing depending on what area you're looking at. TO enhance the realism, work on establishing a viewing angle and try to keep it consistent. It also seems like there's a lot going on. Is the fairy the intended focus? If so, maybe try framing everything around her and using perspective have her sitting on the shore of the lake. Remember if you're looking at her directly from the side, you're going to see less of the surface of the lake.

Your treatment of the sun is great! It reminds of some really cool tattoo.