Favorite word thread

what's yours?

Ermmm...mine hsa got to be.

sinister....love those s's

although -

invaginate is a cool word too.

and existential is fun to say.

Verileah 19 years ago
I like verily .

Seriously, now I have to stew on this.
Guest 19 years ago
concur, verily, super (with a lisp)
ROzbeans 19 years ago
zaura 19 years ago
Stupidity (has that lovely, condescending sound to it, too)
obfuscate (best used in the phrase "just obfuscated matters" in my opinion)
obstreperous (the perfect word to describe my kids)

I love words, and I think I could easily come up with a list of at least a hundred words I love to death, but I will stop here.