Self portrait

This is the first I've ever done and I think it looks like one of those drawings you see of the bad guys hanging in the post office.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Well yes you have a blank stare on your face, but wow Ry this looks GREAT! The eyes, nose and mouth I think look perfect! The eyes are beautifull detailed and the hair looks great. I wish I had good hair days like that, actually.

s post more!
Guest 17 years ago
Take 2

ROzbeans 17 years ago
ROzBeans: ooh, the dreaded profile hehe. you do faces beautifully, very china doll like!
GODpimp007: /blush
GODpimp007: danke
ROzBeans: beautiful eyes
ROzBeans: i like how you did the ear too, just enough detail but not overdone. wow ryala, you can draw!!!
GODpimp007: I tend to spend more time on eyes than anything else I think
GODpimp007: OMG
GODpimp007: you made me giggle
GODpimp007: My teacher keeps telling me to draw more often
ROzBeans: you should, you're doing great!