Chai Latte

I'm enjoying my first cup as I type this. Although its a cheap instant from General Foods International, I'm enjoying it more then I ever thought I would.

I suggest trying it, if you haven't already.

Starry 19 years ago
how funny, theres a we <3 Chai thread over at NorrathsStudio .

I havent tried any but the Starbucks version (as I worked there for years and tried everything~). I must say I didnt care for it, but it SMELLS so good.

Ive been steered towards Stash brand Chai, and Ill order it here soon

Sounds good! =)
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Vanilla chai tea for the win!
Mai 19 years ago
ROFL, Yay for the Chai !

Chai Latte, baby!
Guest 19 years ago
Chai latte for teh win!

Danq 19 years ago
I like the soy chai lattes, cold though. Warm soy milk gets the gag reflex going.
Krassus 19 years ago
goatz milk 4tw
Danq 19 years ago
You and your goats - I'm going to buy one and ship it to you so you can get your subsistence farm on.