Blade Runner Mafia Day Five: Final Scene

“It’s time.”

Simon and Marcus walked down to the basement, side by side, each wrapped in their own thoughts on the killing ahead. Neither knew exactly what to expect; would Jed fight back? Would the killing go smoothly? And what would happen next? Would they finally put a stop to the murders?

Three men stood in a circle in the basement of the apartment building. Simon and Marcus both silently prayed that they knew how many would leave alive. Jed just watched the other two, looking from one to the other. He knew he was past an age to fight these two boys off. Perhaps they would listen to a plea of reason? No, from the looks in their eyes, their minds were made up.

“Take care of Keero for me. That’s a good kitten, Keero is. You boys take good care of her.”

Marcus faltered at this, looking down at Muffin, who had followed him downstairs. He had grown attached to the animal in a short span of time, and saw the same love for Keero in Jed’s eyes as he felt for his new found cat. It threw him, that he would see that feeling he knew so well in what he was certain were the eyes of an android.

Simon didn’t hesitate. The kill was quick and as painless as it could be under the circumstances; it only took one shot for Simon to put an end to Jed.

Marcus took a shaky breath. It had all happened so quickly…he just wanted to get away. Get away from this room, away from this damned apartment. He turned away, barely seeing in front of him, and stumbled to the stairs.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Marcus turned sharply around, nearly falling with the speed of his movements. “I’m getting out of here…god…just…I’m leaving…”

A wave of irritation passed over Simon’s face, and Marcus felt a surge of fear.

“You’re going to make me move him all by myself? Really Marcus, we can’t just leave him here. Come on, help me lift him.” With that Simon walked over to where Jed’s feet lay and waited expectantly.

Marcus felt his legs shake with revulsion. “I can’t…” he reached out blindly, feeling faint, groping for balance until his hand met the cold rough concrete of the wall. “I can’t do that, god, I can’t…I think I’m going to be sick.”

Simon looked up in surprise. “I thought this was what you wanted.”


Simon turned completely away from Jed’s corpse, walking toward Marcus with a flat, dead expression on his face. “I thought. This was what. You wanted. All the androids dead. Everyone who ever hurt you, gone. The crazy killer, eliminated. I thought this was what you wanted.”

Marcus tried to stand up, to steady himself without the aid of the wall, but when he let go a wave of nausea passed over him and he reeled. “I didn’t want anyone to die. I just wanted the killings to stop, I didn’t want anyone to die. Simon…god, I can’t look at him anymore, please, let’s just go upstairs, let’s just leave him here.”

Simon frowned, struggling to decide. “Well, if you really can’t stand it…you don’t have to look anymore.”


Simon reflected, as he picked up Muffin with a smile and an affectionate scratch to her ears, that there would be no one to clean up the mess. He always did hate a mess.

Then he shrugged, and walked upstairs.

/ooc gratz Mafia! I'll post an epilogue tomorrow to reveal roles and wrap up the story some, but it's open season on revealing roles if you wish to.

Thanks for a great game; this was a real pleasure.

pharren 18 years ago

Pharren/Simon - I haven't suspect Pharren yet for reasons I've already stated. Not to mention we talk in AIM constantly and if he isn't a townie then he'd have to be pulling off a scam the size of which i don't think someone this new to the game could do (he still has alot of questions, and the stuff he says is blatently townie) I believe Pharren is a townie

"I'm a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch"
Jay-Z, Big Pimpin
Jinheim 18 years ago
We win, suckas!

PharrenEQ (10:13:48 PM): the wildcard in this game isnt the serial killer, its the stupidity of people in general"
Cobert 18 years ago
Fuck this game for killing me off so quick.
pharren 18 years ago
it was mae that chopped you up, not me
Geeii 18 years ago
at least we know who isn't a liar..

MEC 18 years ago
I was hoping my liger would maul anyone who tried to harm it's master in the epilogue in the final scene.

Damn, I was hoping the logic of the who the mafia members wouldn't be illogic. I really saw not many clues pointing to simon, and I was hoping the fact that I saw even less clues point to Dana and Jacob didn't matter. But I did think it was foolish of bragg to not suspect him because he asked newbie questions at the time he wrote that.

Simon frowned, struggling to decide. “Well, if you really can’t stand it…you don’t have to look anymore.”

I assume this meant he killed me, right?
Aramous 18 years ago
WOW Mae waxed me the first day. That's gotta suck.
ROzbeans 18 years ago
No remember you were lynched, Mous, I killed elvaiz, rasberry and jacob.
Aramous 18 years ago
Man it happend so fast I guess I couldn't recall what actually happend
ROzbeans 18 years ago
I know i'll buy it early next time. Just let me slutty character sleep with someone else again first!
Aramous 18 years ago
I know i'll buy it early next time. Just let me slutty character sleep with someone else again first!

Can it be me just so I don't get lynched and we have an excuse .

ROzbeans 18 years ago
Jinheim wanted Jacob to get some, but I decided to kill him instead. =D
Cobert 18 years ago
No remember you were lynched, Mous, I killed elvaiz, rasberry and jacob.

I hate you forever. FOREVER.

I still can't believe you had the audacity to chat with me on AIM after you finished chopping me into tiny bits. Not to mention changing my title.
Cobert 18 years ago
After she went and voted for me: (first voting day)

Zaagdar: btw ur mean
ROzBeans: i didnt think it was geei or tsmith
ROzBeans: i was reaching =x
ROzBeans: no clues yet and you wont be called out
Zaagdar: I dunno
Zaagdar: you might bring out a following
Zaagdar: and tsmith was sure reaching to incriminate
ROzBeans: he's covering his ass
Zaagdar: bad starting character choice imo
Zaagdar: I don't think verileah picks what people are based on their stories anyways
Zaagdar: I'm betting its a random thing
ROzBeans: she'll try to
ROzBeans: i'm not the godfather, i'll tell you that much
ROzBeans: lol

I didn't save the chat after I got turned into coleslaw.
Aziyade 18 years ago
I was an innocent townie.
MEC 18 years ago
I knew you were.
pharren 18 years ago
so did i
MEC 18 years ago
Well, DUH.