More boozie art! - split from wow thread =)

ohhh, those are awsome!!

these are SOOO lame, they are kinda old too. But just for fun ::

ROzbeans 19 years ago
I split this off onto its own thread since it wasn't WOW related =) The top sig is yummy! I like your style, very unique and I like your use of the color tone too. I"m too afraid to try different things like that in my art =x
boozie923 19 years ago
awwww, thanks. I dont like those at all!

why dont u just try it and if it sux just dont do it any more, the gayist tools always have the best results.

i made this and my sig right now <3
ROzbeans 19 years ago
=x I think I might try it. Just have to find the perfect person, maybe my daughter =)
boozie923 19 years ago
<3 Love this style

that would be awsome Maelarya!
immy 19 years ago
I really enjoy your style.
boozie923 19 years ago
thankies <33
David Bowles 19 years ago
I figured that, rather than pay someone to design the covers of my novels (once they're published) I'd just get my daughter PhotoShop 7 and teach her to help me. A year and a half later, I realize that I've created a monster! Oh, well, at least she's not a cheerleader... thank goodness for small favors!
boozie923 19 years ago I understand the whole help you, but monster? ARTIST!
Masoyama 19 years ago
What you got agaisnt cheer leaders?
boozie923 19 years ago
Nothing really just that most of them are preppy, annoying, and care WAY to much about how they look. But thats just me.