i am a very hyper person, probably because i am so young. i like GRAPHICS // MUSIC // CHEESY MOVIES THAT MAKE U CRY.

check out some of my grAphics on the art threads,

boozie923 19 years ago
(besides max thieriot)
Masoyama 19 years ago
welcome ....
David Bowles 19 years ago
Given that she's said so little about herself, I'll tell you that Helene Nicole Bowles is a middle-schooler at IDEA Academy in Donna, TX. She loves graphic design and artwork, so I though I'd unleash her on this website so that you'd influence her (esthetically, ahem!) in new ways.

Despite appearances, she is actually a very bright, engaging young lady. She is, however, as weird as her dad, which will always be a handicap...
ROzbeans 19 years ago
More craziness, cool! =D Welcome Nikki =)
Geeii 19 years ago
Very nice to meet you, and although I have no talent in creating art, I sure do appreciate it, so keep it coming!
boozie923 19 years ago

I am so not as wierd as u, im WIERDER!
Banbin 19 years ago
Mai 19 years ago
Greets and welcome.
Jardan 19 years ago