A place to sleep

Coming out of the bathroom after her moment of sickness, she returned to the dining room where part of the guests were talking in hushed voices about the murder.

'So...?' She announced, getting everyone's attention. 'Are we staying in here all night or are we finding rooms to sleep in?' She threw her hands up.

Guest 19 years ago
Eyeing the now sans-blue makeup actress, Ophelia nodded curtly.

"Yes, I agree that may have been the original plan, but considering the recent events, I'm not too sure anyone would want to be alone or even be able to sleep for that matter."

Ophelia watched everyone else in the room to see their reactions, still searching for any small tick that might give away the killer.
immy 19 years ago
"Whoa now."

Jade smacked her gum a few times with her head tilted to the side, eyebrows raised as if she were thinking what to say.

"I don't know bout you guys, but, like, I'm soo not sleeping by myself." At that, Jade glanced quickly at Isaac and thought to herself. I wonder if I brought condoms. She quickly checked her pockets. Awww bummer, I didn't.

Jade swung around to talk to Mae, still smacking her gum, "Mae, anyone who'd, like, share their make-up and stuff is trustworthy in my book." *pops another bubble*
"wanna be roomies tonight!?" Jade almost squeeled out.
Etric 19 years ago
Isaac overheard Jade talking to Maelarya and wandered over to the two of them. "Ladies, this could be our last night on earth and I couldn't let you spend the night without any protection. I don't think I'd be able to sleep at all knowing that you two were all alone." Isaac casually draped his arm across Jade's shoulder. "But don't worry ladies, I'm packing plenty of heat...". He nonchalantly adjusted himself slightly above his knee before putting his arm around Maelarya's waist and continued "... and I've got enough for both of you."
Mai 19 years ago
Summer watched everyone talk about sleeping. Sleeping? Adults.. she shook her head. Daddy and mommy weren't here and none of these people seemed to be paying attention to her. She planned to stay up well past bedtime. That was the plan anyway.

She went and sat down in front of the fire wishing she had some marshmallows. This place needed more toys.. Starting to get bored, Summer layed down and watched the fire, before long she was sound asleep in front of it.
Guest 19 years ago
Ophelia rolled her eyes at Isaac. "Pig."
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Maelarya disengaged herself from Isaac's grasp and sauntered over to Ophelia. 'I'm thirtsy,' she purred at Ophelia. 'Fix me a drink?'
Guest 19 years ago
Ophelia flashed a mischevious grin. "Brandy?" She sauntered over to the bar and started pouring.
Slipnish 19 years ago
Reverend Bob watched the people move about the room in their seeminly Brownian motion, but he knew better. There was really nothing random about it. Follow the sin, as his father used to say, and all will be revealed.

He watched the so called "porn star" try and woo the two "ladies" just as he watched the gay cowboy from slitted eyes.

Heretics, hookers, and homosexuals...

It was shaping up to be one helluva night.

He reflected momentarily on the events, and turned as always to scripture for comfort.

He recalled the book of Scribbles, Chapter 2 verses 9-11

"Yea verily though I go amidst the sheep, shall I clothe myself in the raiment of the lion. For my words are the roar, my works the claws, my word his fangs, and my mane the collection plate. Glory to Him that made us."