Mafia Hour Two Voting (11:00PM)

A quick run down on how voting works.

Voting will close at midnight est tonight.

Every player casts one vote. If you do not vote for two consecutive days with no notice to the mods, you will die of natural causes.

Should you vote, and then change your mind later on, you may edit your post. Do not remove any content from the post; simply add the name you wish to change your vote to and bold it so I don't get confused. Do not make a new post; this thread should have one, and only one, post per player. There is the kill thread itself and the /ooc thread for discussion of votes.

You can state your reasoning for voting, but keep discussion of said votes to the discussion threads kk thx. It makes it too confusing for my feeble mind to weed through a thread of discussion to get at the votes.

Good luck everyone!

David Bowles 19 years ago
For the moment, Maelarya.

She was fraternizing and drinking with Ophelia. Clues = drink and surprise at killer. Open and shut case.
ROzbeans 19 years ago
I'd rather snipe the SK first then work on the mafia. Although I do think Isaac is one of the four badies.

My vote goes to the Good Reverand Bob.
Etric 19 years ago
| Penis envy. I vote for Maelarya for now, but I'm going to do more research.
MEC 19 years ago
I think that the Reverand is the most likely canadate for SK.

Then again, the black flames, and black piano, makes a color motif, and the music may point to Dustin
Slipnish 19 years ago
I'd rather snipe the SK first then work on the mafia. Although I do think Isaac is one of the four badies.

My vote goes to the Good Reverand Bob.

Spoken like someone in league with the Devil. 8)

Mae is guilty as a 3 yr old with her hand in the cookie jar, and chocolate stains on her mouth.

Of course the SK would rapidly admit to confrontation with someone, then kill them off. Of course the SK would do that. NOT!

Heed these words, there are those amongst us who do NOT have your best interest at heart, and they are the ones trying to lead your votes astray.

Pay attention people, the water is about to get very, very, murky.

I vote for Mae as the SK, and if not that, she is certainly one of the Mafia.

The casting of blame and doubt has begun.
Tornt 19 years ago
Vulash 19 years ago
Maelarya - I was hesitant for awhile since no one was coming to her aid (which wouldn't fit a mafia) but thats over now
Aramous 19 years ago
WOW had a lot of catching up to do my vote is

Reverand Bob
immy 19 years ago
After re-reading everything. My vote goes to:

Bob Tilton.
Mai 19 years ago
I'm afraid I have to go with Rev.Bob.Tilton as well.
Eve 19 years ago
"Serial Killers for $500."
"Clergyman who doesn't seem very true to his faith ..."
"Who is Rev. Bob Tilton, Alex?"
Cobert 19 years ago
Grimknot 19 years ago
I don't know if the blue skin, blue hair stuff means anything or not. Based partially upon her actions today and 90+ % on the fact that she pointed the finger at me...


Remember when you point a finger at someone you have 4 pointing back at you. When you point it at 8 people, well /shrug
Jinheim 19 years ago
Rasberry 19 years ago
I am thinking that Maelarya is doing this bad things.
Geeii 19 years ago
Voting is closed, scene incoming.