HM Mafia, 11:30 PM, LYNCH #2: Skinny Dipping

Maelarya Dys'Entari was tired. It had been a long day and an even longer night.

"I need a hot bath and some relaxing music," she murmured to the vast empty room.

Looking around, she found her way to the private bathroom adjoining her bedroom. Peeking inside, she noticed it was as magnificent as the rest of the house. A large clawed tub dominated the room. A small window, set high on one wall let in just enough moonlight to see by. She moved towards the tub and turned on the water, quite hot, so she could see the steam rising from the water's surface.

"Well, no weed, but at least I can make some use of this thing," thought the beautiful actress as she lit a few candles with the red lighter she kept in her purse.

Near the bathtub, an assortment of bath salts and oils were arranged, begging to be used. It seemed as though their host had intended to provide his guests with a luxurious living space. She couldn't figure out why, as the speaking portrait was so obviously enjoying the bloodbath that was resulting from his mysterious invitations.

Finally, as the water neared the lip of the tub, she turned the knobs close and stripped her clothes off, discarding them in a corner of the room.

"It's too bad," she thought, "nobody got to see me in that outfit. Well, I suppose it will only look better after I get cleaned up a bit."

Sinking into the tub, she gritted her teeth against the heat for a few seconds, until her body adjusted. Then she leaned back and savored the heat, the water, the candlelight, and the refreshing scent of the vanilla bubble bath take her.


Half an hour later, an angry mob stood outside the voluptuous woman's door, growing impatient.

*Knock Knock Knock*

Finally, someone pushed hard, and the door swung open. The actress was nowhere to be seen. The crowd, seconds earlier shouting and yelling, now was hushed to a whisper.

"Where is she?!"

"I don't know, freak, why don't you move your scrawny ass in there so the rest of us can get a look?"

"Now calm down, we are here for the actress, remember?"

Spreading out in her room, a few pointed towards the doorway on the far wall. Light flickered and danced in the bathroom.

Moving as one, and yet without hurry, the group filtered through the door. Some noticed the steaming tub, others noticed the crumpled clothes, but before long, everyone's attention rested solely on the naked women in the bathtub, unmoving, her eyes closed.

"Is she dead?" someone finally managed, at a whisper hardly audible.

"I don't think so." And then, "No she is just asleep."

For a second, they seemed to hesitate, to rethink their decision, but it was the adult film star that moved closer.

"It is a shame, you know," he said, turning to the rest, "she looks like a great fuck."

When a few of the others looked shocked, and others irritated, he motioned to her sleeping form.

"Well are you gonna sit there and gawk or are we gonna do this?"


One by one they filed out of the bathroom. More then a few were drenched in water; the woman was surprisingly strong-willed. When at last they left the small room, a whistling screamed from behind the closed door. The whistling lasted only a few seconds, but caused enough of a stir for the mob to rush back in. The candles had gone out, so a few people pulled out matches or cell phones to illuminate the room. To everyone’s surprise the bathwater had frozen over completely. Where once steam was rising from the basin, now frost lazily spilled from the tub.


The Lawyer stood waiting in a dark corner of the dining room, where everyone returned to gather their thoughts. His sudden statement elicited a startled gasp from not a few of the guests.

“I seem to remember more people.”

The guests looked at each other guiltily, but no one answered the lawyer’s unstated question.

“Well, no matter. I have a gift for you all. We thought it might…pass the time.” From his briefcase, the lawyer pulled out a long, thin box and set it on the dining room table. “Seeing as how I seriously doubt you’ll be sleeping tonight.”

The guests barely heard him; their eyes were fixed on the box in front of them. They did not even notice when the lawyer left. It later seemed he had vanished into thin air.


“Well…who wants to give it a try?”

The guests looked at the still untouched box warily. Of course everyone knew what was inside. Anyone who had ever gone to a sleep over party as a child would have recognized it. They were as one so caught up in the presence of the ouija board that the sound of the clocks striking midnight startled many out of their wits.

Mai 19 years ago
Summer wasn't sure why the blue lady had to die but from what the others were saying she had been bad. Personally she'd rather stick to time out or being locked in the closet and Summer hated being locked in the closet. It still looked a whole lot better than this!

Coming to a realization She turned to the others.

"You guys shouldn't be in here, She's naked!" Summer looked at all the men in the room with shocked horror, her parents expressly said walking in on people in the bathtub was a no no. She decided to leave the bathroom lest someone come around and punish her in the same way.

Still, not really understanding the situation all that well, Summer's mind wandered on to new things quite easily and once out of the room she felt a bit better.

"What's the box? Can I play? I wanna be the green piece!"
Grimknot 19 years ago
/ooc Maybe I'm just confused but did the mob find her dead in the tub or was she in fact just sleeping and summarily drowned by the mob?
David Bowles 19 years ago
So, we were going to lynch the mafia victim?
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Tatyana had been on her phone basically all night, talking to this actor or that ones agent, since she she now had her leading lady for the movie, she needed to find an actor that would be worthy of her.

Deciding to let Ms. Mae choose her own, She went to her room, seeing everyone there, how drenched they were and the GUILTY looks on thier faces, she asks in a very shaky voice " What in the hell is going on here?" " Why are you bothering my star?"

The preacher looked guiltily towards the bathroom, and Tatyana ran in and looked. Her face registered her suprize and tears formed in her eyes......looking back to the crowd she slumped to the ground and cried " I'M RUINED! YOU'VE RUINED ME! OH HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING??!!!!!!"

Picking her self up off the ground she ran out of the room and slammed the door on the one she had chosen for her self, threw herself on the bed and cried her eyes out
David Bowles 19 years ago
Gah. Note for future games: don't make new threads for everything. Put the lynch at the end of the voting thread. Discuss the hits and kill on the same thread in which they're described. Too easy to get confused this way...
Geeii 19 years ago
sorry =( no, she wasn't the mafia victim, thought a standarized title format solved that, but you are prolly right...
immy 19 years ago
Looking around the room she had choosen for herself, Jade admired all the lovely pink accents. She ran her fingers along the dark pink curtains, letting their cool silk fabric wrap around her senses. Picking up the edge of the pink and white comforter, she could imagine herself sinking into the thickness for a good nights sleep. "Like, this was totally made for me!" she squealed.

Jade heard footsteps going down the hall and went out to see where everyone was going. She watched the last person walk into the actresses room, at the end of the hallway, and walked towards them. She got there in time to see the end of a murder. Mae's body lay lifelessly in the bathtub, water still sloshing over the edges from the struggle.

Jade screamed.

"Nooo! You guys! Like, OH MY GOD! What the fuck did you do that for?" shrilled her valley girl accented voice. Several of the other guests cast evil glares her way and she promptly shut up.

As Jade exited, the now dead, Mae's bedroom she stopped. "Hey. Wait a minute." she said to herself. She quickly ran back into the bathroom, overlooking the tub full of ice. "I'm sure she would have wanted this to be used, not trashed." grabbed Mae's make-up case and went back to the dining room with everyone else.


"No way."

Jade eyed the ouija board.

"These things are, like, totally bitchin! Me and Stacy used to do these on nights we got bored. Wow, who wants to go first?" She lifted the top of the box up and placed it under the table that held the ouija board. Taking the folded up board, she opened it and placed it on the table followed by putting the eye upon it, in the middle.

"Hang on."

Jade took her gum out of her mouth and looked for a trash can, not seeing one, she stuck her gum on the underside of the table. Pulling another out of her back pocket, the gum chewing commenced.

"Alright. Now, like, you guys are gonna totally dig this. I -swear- I won't like move the eye piece."

Both of Jades hands lay on the edges of the ouija board, "Helloooooooooo. Ghostly dudes? Anyone home? Bueler. Bueler. Bueler." Jade giggled at her own joke. The eye didn't move.

"Well, like, I can't get it to move. Anyone else want to have a go at it?"
Dia 19 years ago
Dia stood astonished. Jade was treating the board like a childs game!

"What are you doing!" she shrieked at the girl.

"You maky think thats just a game and childs play but it isnt! You disrespect the spirits when you act like that. No one will want to talk to fools." she spat out.

She jerked the board away from the stupid girl and sat in front of it.
Mai 19 years ago
"Its not a game?" Summer looked dissapointed. "Why does it have a board then?"

She looked suspiciously at Dia, wondering if the adult just didn't want her to play. Still, the game didn't look all that interesting, there were no pieces save one and the board was boring with just a bunch of letters on it.

Summer decided she should have brought a game boy. Old people didn't know how to have fun.

Cella was suggesting going to look through cabinets and dressers for more interesting things to play with but Summer waved her away for the moment.

"So, if its not a game...what's it for?" She came to stand next to Dia and looked down at the board with curiosity.
Dia 19 years ago
Dia stood up from her seat and crouched infront of the little girl. Why was a little girl invited to this? she thought to herself. How sick.

"It's a vessel to speak with...spirits." she paused and thought. "People who arent here anymore, people who no one can see."

The chair behind her scrapped as someone sat in her seat in front of the board.
Aramous 19 years ago
Gilbert went over to Summer, Hi ma name is Gilbert what is yours? He then grabs hold of the ouija board and hits himself in the head a couple of times then gives it back to Summer. HAHeHeHA that was fun. Sticking his index finger in his left ear, pulling out little specs of yellow things, will you play with me? No won wants to pway. I cannot find anyone
Mai 19 years ago
"Oh, so like Cella?" Summer looked up at Dia. No one else saw Cella, Her parents told her not to make things up.

She giggled at Gilbert as he hit himself with the board a few times. Strange but funny.

"Sure" She thought a minute and then decided on something fun that she could do and she doubted they'd get in trouble for it either.

"Come on" She turned to head out of the door, looking back to see if Gilbert was going to follow.
Cobert 19 years ago
Clara believed that Summer was either the most naive girl on the face of the planet, or in fact was purely mad. Why she was here amongst all this death? Why hadn't she fled yet?

Another issue however, troubled Clara even more. She felt the guilt of the death of Maelarya. It seemed obvious at the time, but now she was wrong. Dead wrong.

"Why can't this be easy?" She asked out load.
Larene_Stormfire 19 years ago
Tatyana looks at Clara and states in a shaky voice " When is death EVER easy........You've ruined me, you hear me RUINED ME."