HM - The Mafia My apology

Hey guys,

Just wanted to apologize for being a lame ass the past couple of days. My computer took a shit and I still have yet to fix it, and I had a date last night. I thought I would be back in town, but I ended up crashing at her place, so I just got up here. Verileah has been great and wrote my SK for me, but either way I am sorry. I have been on your end, excited to see the next kill scene, and I didn't mean to clog up the process...

Guest 18 years ago
Did you get some poon?
Verileah 18 years ago
My stars.

And *hugs Geeii* it's all good. In spite of all the structure we attempt to impose this game is played by human beings and is thus somewhat organic in nature. I think we're all having a good time and are pretty much back on track now.
Geeii 18 years ago
negative, but thanks for your heartfelt concern...

No, this is more serious then just sex. I dated this girl 5 years ago, when we were both in highs chool...and I was immature and stupid. Sinc ethen, I have realized she has all the qualities I find attractive in a girl and I screwed up.

I am thanking my stars I might have a second chance with her, and am psyching myself out cause I am that way....but....nope no double backed beast last night.

I stayed on the couch...aweeee how cute.
Mai 18 years ago

Its ok, people just got to live a little while longer. Its all good.
Rasberry 18 years ago
last time I stayed on the couch it was a fold out bed/couch...
ROzbeans 18 years ago
He didnt even kiss her, wtf???!!!
Guest 18 years ago
He didnt even kiss her, wtf???!!!


Sorry, Veri. I tend to focus on sexual themes.