Eh, A Drawing By Boozie

made, its not that good but oh-well, its frank iero, the guitarist and back up singer of my favorite band mcr <3

not even CLOSE to the wat the actual pic looks but its ok.
actual picture:

boozie923 19 years ago
that little curvy thing in between his eyes; yea. that; its his nose
Guest 19 years ago
You know, that's still a really good start. Foreshortening is not an easy thing to do. I think you'll find it easier if you focus more on the shapes and curves you see in the photo rather than thinking "I'm drawing a hand" or "I'm drawing a face". Better yet, flip the photo upside-down and try it again drawing only what you see and not what you think you see.
boozie923 19 years ago
kewlkewl. thanks for the advice.
Mai 19 years ago
Your art teacher make you flip drawings also, Ryala? I still do that from time to time when drawing something I'm looking at. Another thing we did in class that I still do is draw a grid on the image (or copy of it if you don't want to mess it up) and then draw from square to square.. making sure they match up correctly but it makes the image like a bunch of little drawings and those don't seem so hard.
immy 19 years ago
I still flip some things too while drawing. Much easier to draw random lines than to try and create a hand.

Hands are evil damn things. Pure evil.
Guest 19 years ago
Yep, sure did. I never tried the grid thing though. It just seemed like too much extra work LOL
boozie923 19 years ago
my art teacher makes us do the grid thing, i think its stupid
Guest 19 years ago
The two best things you can do for good art is gridding and drawing what you see. Yes a lot of people think the grids are stupid, why? Because it takes hella time. However, its gotten many a commission of my drawings, and I can draw damn near anything with gridding. It makes it very easy, it just takes time.

Ok you say, draw what i see? Well duh!! But think about it. When you are sitting there drawing, lets say the front of your pc, people start trying to stick in things you know are there, but you cant see em. I dont know how many times my art teacher told me when I first started "Do you SEE the damn back of the table? No? THEN DONT DRAW IT!!!!!!! " it sounds stupid, but watch next time you draw. I still do it from time to time free handing.

Its really good start tho, and you have the shading down.
boozie923 19 years ago