what do ya think?

Guest 19 years ago
Those are great! I love the scan lines, hue adjustments, and the fonts you used - small, but still able to be read.
boozie923 19 years ago

its actually linear dodge, and the scan lines, its a pattern,

I feel like explanng how to do em:

ok, first: make a new file, size 100x100. secomd: get a picture and move it on to the new file. third: make it black and white: then go back to image and make the mode RGB color again. fourth: on the little color boxes, on the tools pallete, make them the colors you want::


fifth: click the gradient option, and at the top of the gradient menu should the the 2 colors you shoze. once youve clicked your colors go to, mode; and linear dodge; make the opacity about 36%; then just drag your mouse over the icon;. sixth: add this pattern; its better to add it to all of then so that the color is evend out:

then on the layer options thingy, make the opacity 30%. seventh: add your text.
GOOD FONTS: arial black, arial, verdana, 04b (this font looks good when written in caps lock and size 8)

this explanation is for photoshop i guess

Mai 19 years ago
Nice tut, Boozie. and cool icons.
boozie923 19 years ago
thanks mae. check out my new thread...
immy 19 years ago