Thank You

Thank you, Gilae. Varias looks awesome! People teased him about that pinkish robe for ages so he's pretty used to feeling girlie. What's more my old guildleader couldn't tell Erudites apart and called him a She all the time anyway. I love the copper version! Varias means copper in baltic, nice choice! I'm still ooohing over the lettering, that's awesome! *pets V, Hugs Gilae*

Verileah 19 years ago
I'm /squeeing so hard over the Verileah avatars...was telling Mai that she looks even more like Verileah than I had pictured her . You really captured her well, thanks so much!

*all kinds of happy*
Mai 19 years ago
You're welcome. Glad you like them!
Maeya 19 years ago
Thank you Mushizo! You had kind of a difficult race to work with but your projects came out beautifully!

I love that you used my wand too - isn't that thing fantastic?? leased
Eve 19 years ago
Thanks so much Verileah! The flames are awesome
Sunbur 19 years ago
Thank you, Boozie!!! I love this one!!!
ROzbeans 19 years ago
/SQUEAL! I love poser, thank you!
Rikr 19 years ago

THESE SO OWN!!!!!!! I'm speechless. Awsome job!!! Thank you thank you!!!
Lorelei 19 years ago
Thank you Mae *huggles* You made Lore look very pretty
Dia 19 years ago
yay! thank you very much Eve! she is too adorable and your instincts will right on before you knew it with the flower

I'll havta get some better shots uploaded! ^.^
Temprah 19 years ago
Thanks Anna!! Heh spinny dipping is soooo something she would do, too!!! And.. Now I finally have a sig here =D
Saraquael 19 years ago
Wow Temprah, that pic looks great. Thanks! I just have to save them later so that my posts don't look so plain
immy 19 years ago
H O L Y S H I T.

I got me a Saraquel peice.

Saraquel, you've done an amazing job on Immeni, she is perfect. /big dorky smile
Thank you so much.

/pets her Saraquel peice

Anytime you want babies, lemme know.
Gilae 19 years ago
I just now got the chance to say thanks to Lorelei for my awesome plethora of art!! I need to put into effect a sig rotator now! I love the pigtails! And the warrior chick is HAWT! Thanks so much!
Guest 19 years ago
The chick in Temps sig looks just like Celine Dion right after she started in the US. Well, not right after. Since she was bald, but right after her hair started growing back .
Temprah 19 years ago
Heh.. Celine Dion for a bard, sounds like a good model to me, but she has meat on her bones unlike Celine =D
Guest 19 years ago
Heh.. Celine Dion for a bard, sounds like a good model to me, but she has meat on her bones unlike Celine =D

no kiddin most singers and actors / actresses have like 0 body wieght. They all fit in size zero clothers. bah.

Didnt mean that as an insult, btw, just was looking, and was like hey that looks like this CD cover my mother in law had, of Celine Dion.

All these sigs look so wonderful, btw, you guys did an awesome job!
boozie923 18 years ago
your welcome subur!! Thanks RIKR!! lol/ the used? i love the style thanks again!!