Howdy folks, just thought I'd drop by to say hi n things... n stuff.

ROzbeans 17 years ago
Huhu dear =) Black's gonna be playing the Xmen Mafia with us =) Welcome!
Guest 17 years ago

(I had dark chocolate covered espresso beans for lunch today.)
Guest 17 years ago
Mai 17 years ago

Ry, I love those!
immy 17 years ago
barce 17 years ago

Oh yeah Mae she is a brownie to
Xandare 17 years ago
Blackrabbit 17 years ago
Barce, I will love you better when you learn how to spell.

/stabbles Barce then stables him for later usage.

barce 17 years ago
They made spell checker on my word processor for a reason
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Ok I wondered what he meant by 'stables'. I was like...what's a horse have to do with this?
Mai 17 years ago
I just thought I'd missed something.
Briare 17 years ago
HI HI! Welcomes )