I mostly Lurk here a lot but here is one for the Crackers!!

Most recent picture of me for some marketing for work

Me in a photo shoot when I was a Snowboard Instructor

Me after doing an 1800' climb in Utah.

And yes I do play lotsa computer Games to =/

Verileah 17 years ago
Am I completely nuts or do you look like a young John Travolta?

You could be his little brother or something.
barce 17 years ago
Here is another from my "photo shoot"

Guest 17 years ago
Yes thats good

yay for the crackers! lol Very good looking you are
ROzbeans 17 years ago
Holy cow! BARCE IS HOT!!! /purr
Mai 17 years ago
Nice pictures! I don't think I've ever been to Brighton. The family goes to Utah every year to ski. Mostly Powder Mountain and Snow Basin but we occasionally roam to other places.

(Though I've missed the last few times...lack of funds suXXors!)
Rikr 17 years ago
I'd hit it.
KassyNaVerdis 17 years ago
Guest 17 years ago
I'd hit it.


Crackers represent!
barce 17 years ago
Mai if and when you come back out to Utah to ski.. look me up or PM me... It is always fun to go skiiing with new people. I did my Instructor Cert at Snowbasin and like to ski and "Pow Mow" as we call powder mountian quite a bit to.
Gilae 17 years ago
Mai 17 years ago
Awesome Barce! The family goes each year around Feb or March.. hopefully I will be able to make it this time.
Aziyade 17 years ago
Hey Barce!

I think it's a good thing Blitzel never saw your pics.

How've you been?
barce 17 years ago
I work to much but what else is new... Other than that im good.