Leaving, for a while, (which is totally RAD!)

IDEA Academy has this end of the year field lesson thingy, you go to like different citys/states/countrys with the whole grade level your in.

DAD: dad is leaving today at 9, you might not see him on here for a while, i think hes going to arizona and colorado and all those boring places. well, there not that boreing, better than texas for shizze.

ME: im leaving on sunday at 12 am. were going to prude ranch, and the mountains in west texas. we usually go to east texas, so this will be different. to bad im terrified of snakes & the dark....poo.
all freaking day today at school, we were putting up tents to practice, it sucked, me and my group are like, incapable of doing anything!!! we couldnt keep the freaking thing up!! it took us 3 hrs!! but we got it up.

i wont be back till next saturday, ill tell u about it. <33


Guest 19 years ago
Have fun hon!
Rikr 19 years ago
Have fun, and be careful.
Verileah 19 years ago
That sounds pretty awesome, wish I got to do stuff like that when I was in school!
ROzbeans 19 years ago
Lucky duck, have fun!
Mai 19 years ago
Have a good trip.
Xandare 19 years ago
Have Fun, and stay safe!
Banbin 19 years ago
Have fun