I might be lost in a cardboard box?

Well I definitely may be the neon fushia crayon in a box of primary colors! Just please don't put my head in the sharpener on the outside of the box if I don't know sometimes what you're talking about -- I am more than a little related to Mai and Rae, in fact they have a tendency to call me mom. I'm going to give this RP stuff a whirl as they both insist I can 'hold' my own. No need to filter or edit for me as more than likely I will be just as bad or 'worse' from years of shocking or embarassing them whenever possible...

Thanks for opening the lid and letting me in --
** To Behemoth -- if you were on Tribunal, this is Chaleura.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I already gave you a title . Nice to meet ya, Mai's mom =) We're looking forward to RP'ing with you on tac2. Please feel free to share any and all artwork or literature youve done. =)

Guest 18 years ago
immy 18 years ago
/waves to Mai and Rae's mom

/bounces around her

/smiles at her

/bounces some more
Mai 18 years ago
She just wants to be the neon fuschia crayon so that she can be the "brightest crayon in the box"

Actually no, she seriously likes this color. My sister dubbed her old lipstick "perma fuschia" for its habit of never coming off things and/or people it came into contact with.

Xandare 18 years ago
Guest 18 years ago
oooh Can you tell us funny stories about Mai and Rae?
Briare 18 years ago

*huggles long time no see... *yes I need to get on to EQ2 soon as I can pay for it again hehe.
Anulien 18 years ago
oooh Can you tell us funny stories about Mai and Rae?

Funny and embarrasing stories needed or I will have to remove you from the box!
Temprah 18 years ago
Welcome!! Hope your gals got you nice Mom's day things! Share some embarrasing stories!
Mai 18 years ago
No, she is not allowed to share embarassing stories.. we'd have to tell some on her. So it is mutual blackmail.
Anulien 18 years ago
You're no fun and i showed you my butt
Mai 18 years ago
Aww that's very true. We still haven't seen the other people's butt shots though so I guess she can PM you stories.