From my dad :)

I thought I would share a poem that my dad wrote to his daughters

You can read more of his poems at Pappy's Poems

Daughters Poem

You make a father proud
As the years go by.
You've grown into a woman
With a twinkle in her eye.
You've set your goals to reach
With your mind so deep and sharp.
You tell the world you're here
With the tenderness of your heart.
Now I see the reasons
Why you make me glad,
Because you are my daughter
And I'm proud to be your Dad.

Dedicated to my daughters: Amber, Amy, Cherylynn, Doreen, and Michelle
by Kenny Rutherford

April 2001

ROzbeans 19 years ago
/crying as she goes to call her dad
Mai 19 years ago
Awww that's sweet *sniffs along with Mae*

My Dad drew pictures, though he did write stories and I believe at least one poem somewhere. Rae might have a copy of it.
Guest 19 years ago
Isnt cool how daddies make us lil girls cry over somethign all the time? I love the poems, but my daddy wasnt a good writer. ( He really couldnt spell for crap. lol) He did make the two boy grandchildren (me and my sister each have a boy) wood works for their first birthday's. My son got a wooden rocking horse (with a leather saddle and a bridle and everything ) and my sis's lil boy got a train that has handles that really turn.

and Yes, we both cried

Daddies just know how to work them lil girls )

Beautiful poem too.