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I am new to the site, encouraged to sign up by Vex. I dabble a little bit in photoshop manip's of Everquest, and if I can figure out what I am doing maybe someday I will do original stuff. I enjoy drawing creatures and anything having to do with fantasy or nature.

So meanwhile, recently trying to make a signature for my husband's beastlord and he isn't happy with it, because it's not flashy enough for him Any suggestions of something else I could try? He wants our guild logo included. This is all I have right now...

Thanks in advance for suggestions...and I will peruse the boards some more for ideas, oh and definately look at the tutorial section too

Viriu Velkynvelve- Maelin server EQ

Rikr 18 years ago
Hello and welcome to the madness!

Sig looks good. Might want to add a screenshot back behind the toon. Put more emphasis on the characters name. Looking at it its kind of confusing on the toons name. Is his name Crimson Tempest or is that the guild name?

If it's the guild name I would try putting his name in a bigger font, then the Guild name below that in a smaller font.

Vex 18 years ago
viriu !!

Thanks for FINALLY comin by =)

Zano should be spanked, cause it doesnt suck =P

You did a good job of cutting him out and furrying up his ears and 'cheeks', I suppose the part thats probably bugging him is no background? Get a background of his favourite place and throw in there. You can colorize it to be a dull/dark red to go along with the rest of the theme.

Fonts galore can be found at www.dafont.com

Text suggestions would be , make his "Zanois" part bigger, and his title about the same size.

Can even shrink guild logo just a tad and see how that turns out.

Right now I know its more like the focal point / background but it doesnt necessarily have to be.

All i could think of to help ya out on ideas, as i just woke up
Vex 18 years ago
gogo rikr ninjaposts before me
Verileah 18 years ago
Nice job with the toon. /agree Vex and Rikr's suggestions. Also, maybe play around with the border some, give it a style and/or some texture?
Viriu 18 years ago
Thanks for the fast replies

Hmm borders....how do I make a fancy border?? hehehe....questions begin!
Vex 18 years ago
ROzbeans 18 years ago
Hello and !!!!
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Viriu 18 years ago
Ok, I finally have a happy customer

Thanks for the assistance, now to go work on one for me!

Viriu V
Sarah 18 years ago
Welcome to TAC!