There's Only One - A poem

There’s only one
Here, inside where
Once there were two
Only me now
Inside my heart once
There was also you
Once in our light
Your spirit lingered
We were a home
Our souls intermingled
Alone in the dark
Now you are gone
In this wretched place
There’s only one



Nastirith 18 years ago
Does anyone even read these? Hehe...
Verileah 18 years ago
I do, really...I'm just not so much good with the poetry and don't have anything helpful to say :\.

It's a depressing poem, but more because of the person's sadness than due to the situation I think.
Temprah 18 years ago
People do indeed read them.. just never sure if someone wants feedback / comments etc.
Mileron 18 years ago
Reading other people's poetry always reminds me of Arthur listening to the Vogon captain.

I don't know if I can say the right thing to express how your poem made me feel, without you believing me then trying to kill me :P
Nastirith 18 years ago

I won't try to kill anyone...and without constructive criticism, a person cannot get better at writing.

I don't do poetry very often...if I do, it tends to lean towards more lyrics for a song than an actual poem...but the other day this one popped into my head while driving (which sucks, cause writing and driving a stick is hard, hehe). Thought I'd post it and see what people thought...