Saltines - a poem

I feel the burn, it starts to grow
I feel my belly start to rumble
I hope the situation doesn't show
As my attention starts to tumble

Into my overhead I dig and toss
But from the lack of food
I am at a loss

Filing cabinet! slide open the drawer
Now I remember what they're there for
Napkins, forks, spoons, knives and stuff
I tear open the package and eat in a huff

Saltines, so salty, so crunchy and there
It's not very filling, but I don't care
Three, four, five packages came and went
No, I answered someone nosy, I'm not pregnant.

Nastirith 18 years ago

Pretty cute!
Gilae 18 years ago
No, I answered someone nosy, I'm not pregnant.

I am! I saw the title "Saltines" and was all nodding up until this line hehe.
Mileron 18 years ago
You would hope I'm not, you know, considering that whole "male" thing.