Maso's avatar on SRC

Makes me laugh everytime I watch it loop.

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I love that one lol.
Nastirith 18 years ago

That's freakin' great... Cat could've had the kid for lunch, and he never would've known it.
Claene 18 years ago
LOL..I've had that up hosting it for a couple weeks now..Here's the full version with sound!
Crikett 18 years ago

Thanks for that well needed laugh~
Gilae 18 years ago
CRIKETT!! Where have you been hiding??
Jardan 18 years ago
lol thats was awsome.

/spanks Crikett .. how u doin?
Vulash 18 years ago
Crik I got your tell last night but was leading and spammed sorry!
Crikett 18 years ago
I havent been on quite as much. I have popped onto Icecrown and looked for you guys, even leveled my beby priest a little last night.

*licks Gilly* I havent been hiding just been busy with summer here I am spending more time with my son. Oh how I miss school being in, never realized just how much he talks.

Jardan I have been good, and yourself? You still playin EQ?

and Vulash no worries I seen you were in MC, just wanted to say hi

Finally I have missed you all!!