New sig

I got tired of not having a WoW siggy..So...I made one..I hold no dellusions about my artistic talent, so go ahead and flame away...I hate the lines, but I don't know what else to do..and there are a couple reasons why it's so small. For starters, I hate huge sigs. And secondly, I suck at hair, lips and general face repainting..It scares me. :P

C/C away..If you have any ideas, please feel free to voice em! :P

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I like the lines! You might want to try screening them, made them look transparent, just something subtle. Love the eyes and grats on making a good sig small lol. I just can't do small.
Claene 18 years ago
Ok..I did a couple more

ROzbeans 18 years ago
I like the face solid, but that's preference. Yeah you dont necessarily even need a border. I think it looks awesome either way you do it.

That one is my fav.
Guest 18 years ago
I have so much love for you and your small sig-ness~

/eyes Mae

I think you could probably crop it even closer to her eyes. She seems to be getting a little washed out, but with white hair it's hard to add much color. I think you could probably add some dark tones to the hair to give it some depth. The facial tattoo could probably be brightened up a bit for emphasis too. I think I like the middle one in your second post best though - it seems more balanced.
Claene 18 years ago
I'm in the middle of a Battleground atm, but I will play with it once we're done! thanks for the feedback!
Claene 18 years ago
I am really bad at hair..I can even look at my own in the mirror and still have a hard time putting down what I want it to look like :P Here it is cropped smaller and with what I hope are shadows on the hair :P